THE LOST WIFE by Alyson Richman

THE LOST WIFE by Alyson Richman, (c) 2011. The beginning of this story takes place in prewar Prague where Lenka a young art student marries Josef who is studying medicine. Then the Nazi invasion tears them apart. Josef who now lives the life of a successful obstetrician in America believes his wife died during the war, but Lenka survived relying on her skills as an artist and the memories of her young husband.  Now here it is decades later they have a chance encounter in New York. Will they rekindle their love? Did their love survive too?

TWICE IN A LIFETIME by Dorothy Garlock

TWICE IN A LIFETIME by Dorothy Garlock, (c) 2015. Dorothy Garlock is one of my favorite writers, I’m certain I’ll enjoy this family drama. This is the story of ClaraSinclair a WWII widow who’s raising a son alone in a small town. Her teenage son is very defiant and gets into trouble quite often. Drake McCoy shows up in town to race some of the townsfolk as they bet on who will win. Drake wins but gets his car smashed up by his opponent. Now he’s sticking around town and here he meets Clara and suddenly Drake is thinking of becoming a family man instead of a roaming loner.


THIS IS HOW I’D LOVE YOU by Hazel Woods, (c) 2014. Hazel Woods lives in New Mexico with her husband and two children, so I am not surprised some of the story takes place there. I plan on reading more of Hazel’s work, if she has any in the future. This is the story of star crossed lovers… Or so it looks right up to the end, but will they smarten up and become one family? I highly recommend this book about an ambulance driver in WWI and the daughter of his pen pal chess player whom he loves but hasn’t met. I found the tragic story just enchanting! (Okay that is a real flowery word coming from my mind.. sorry!)

TICKET HOME by James Michael Pratt

TICKET HOME a novel by James Michael Pratt, (c) 2001. This story is a wonderful family drama about twin brothers who go off to fight in WWII during the depression.  They both fall in love with the same girl and Lucien marries her causing a rift between the brothers.  At about the same time Norman and Lucien Parker buy out some folks moving west and run a small railway station in Warm Springs, Oklahoma. Both brothers go off to fight in the war but only one comes back. Lucien is an old man now in the present moment and he feels he has to go back to the Philippines and pay back a debt he owes to his dead brother.


THE POSTMISTRESS by Sarah Blake, (c) 2011. This novel about three women and it takes place in 1940 and Iris James is the postmistress for the coastal town of Franklin, Massachusetts. She’s a single 40 year old woman. She’s also a virgin and even went to the doctor for an exam as proof and had him put it into writing. She seems interested in one Harry Vale, who watches for U-boats during this war time period novel. He has an interest in her also, he gives her a coffee mug in the beginning of the story.Iris does everything by the book with her postmistress job which she takes very seriously until one day she slips a letter into her pocket, reads it and doesn’t deliver it. Along the way we meet Dr. Frisk who examined Iris and his new wife Emma Trask Frisk whom Iris befriends when she first moves into her hometown. We also meet Frankie Bard an American radio broadcaster who works in London and reports war news to the USA.

NOTE: I must admit I didn’t enjoy the beginning of the book but have since found a liking for the characters.

THE PLUM TREE by Ellen Marie Wiseman

THE PLUM TREE by Ellen Marie Wiseman, (c) 2013.  This story takes place during WWII in a German village. Since I am largely of German decent I enjoy reading books like this. Christine Bolz is a seventeen year old domestic servant working for a wealthy Jewish family. She falls in love with the son Isaac Bauerman. Isaac and Christine dream of sharing a life together but their life in the village in the year 1938 is running their chances of a happy life. Christine is forbidden to work for the Bauerman’s, as the whole country has become anti-Jewish.  AS I can see hard times ahead for both families, I’m sure I’ll enjoy this book, since it will reflect the reality of the times.


THE VALLEY OF LIGHT by Terry Kay, (2003). This old trade paperback was written by the author of TO DANCE WITH THE WHITE DOG. Remember the old Hallmark movie starring Hume Cronin and his wife Jessica Tandy? This story is about a wandering WWII Army veteran named Noah Locke. A man named Hoke Moore told Noah about a town called Bowerstown also known as the VALLEY OF LIGHT where they had a yearly  “Fish-off” or fishing contest is held. Noah it seems has a natural talent or should I say magical touch for calling fish to his hook. Eventually he found is way there, and the folks noticed his natural abilities right away. Just recently he met a young army widow named Eleanor who has fed him a meal before and after he buried one of her old cows he put out of her misery. That’s as far as I got in the end of the 4th chapter. So far I’m finding the book rather charming! Do you think you’ll like it? It doesn’t rush into things though.

NOTE: This book was written by a man, and an old fashioned one at that! I can’t say as I liked the ending, but you’ll have that in life… I still recommend you read it especially if you like to fish.