RESTLESS WIND by Dorothy Garlock

RESTLESS WIND by Dorothy Garlock, (c) 1986, 2002 large type. Rosalee lives in the Colorado mountains where she cares for her ailing father  and younger siblings, and their life is far from easy in their dirt floor cabin. One night the dog barks awakening the family as a strong half white, half native American man asks to be left in. His name is Logan Horn and he asks for help caring for his dying mother Morning Sun and they are allowed to enter. Rosalee opens her door and her heart as she comes to love this rugged yet sensitive man.

WHAT THE HEART KNOWS by Kathleen Eagle

WHAT THE HEART KNOWS by Kathleen Eagle (c) 2000. Here’s a little Native American tale. It involves a murder mystery on a a Lakota reservation involving the death of an old tribe elder who also owns the Pair A Dice Casino. Old Roy Blue Sky requested someone to come and investigate where all the casino money is going since it’s obviously not making it’s way to the reservation’s coffers. Helen Kitterling gets assigned the case and old Roy hit by¬† some vehicle and dies. Now she meets up with her old lover Roy’s son Reece Blue Sky with whom she shares a child, a thirteen year old boy named Sidney who Reece doesn’t even know about yet. I’m sure all the hidden truths will come out in the end, after all they uaually do, don’t they? I’m really enjoying the book though.