NIGHT ROAD by Kristin Hannah

NIGHT ROAD by Kristin Hannah (c) 2011.  I guess I love coming of age novels. here’s another one of Kristin Hannah’s/ Her books are usually a good read and this one was also. This is the story of fraternal twins Mia and Zach and their best friend Lexi Baill a foster child who moves into their town with her great Aunt Emma in a trailer park. There’s a little tragedy involved that changes all their lives for the worst, but they all see it though.. it may take a while though. I highly recommend this one.

BITTERSWEET by Nevada Barr

BITTERSWEET by Nevada Barr, (c) 1984. This was a wonderful historical story and so well written! Takes place in the 1870- 1880’s era. It is described as being an “unusual love story between two women” The story starts out in Philadelphia with Imogene a spinster teacher who gets run out of town over an affair with one of her students who later gets married and dies in childbirth. So Imogene moves onto the next town in western Pennsylvania where she meets Sarah, another student, and although they have feelings for each other nothing ever happens sexually. Sarah also gets married quite young and has a baby boy. But Imogene’s past catches up with her and she and Sarah are run out of town. Now you see I already told you too much, I’m sorry about that. Now Imogene and Sarah who nearly beaten to death by her husband leave town heading for Nevada territory. I don’t want to tell you anymore except to say it wasn’t heaving on the “making love” angle. I’m not gay but still I found the storytelling so well written I wanted to read a sequel. This is a story about true love and gender has nothing to do with it. This was Nevada Barr’s first novel and I have no idea if she wrote more. Let’s hope so.

RIVER OF SUMMER by Lois Gilbert

RIVER OF SUMMER by Lois Gilbert, (c) 1999. This old paperback was quite nice! No cell phones or computers in the story. Yet it really held my attention as the newly divorced Zoe Harper is running away from her old life as a house renovator and a selfish ex-husband who forced her to get an abortion early in their marriage, yet divorces her to be the father of his younger lover’s baby. So here’s Zoe, traveling across country to start a new life in her old Winnebago camper. One day while driving through the Utah desert she see’s a man hitchhiking along the side of the road next to his broken down car, and she just drives by, but then she runs over something and has to stop and investigate. The young hitchhiker runs over and asks her for a ride, and what she ran over by the way was his duffel bag. She refused to give him a ride, not trusting him at all, as she never picks up hitchhikers anyway, it’s just not safe. Meanwhile she ends up giving him a ride, and they slowly become friends and then lovers. Zoe doesn’t like the fact that she’s 11 years older than Paul. He’s 28 ans she’s 39, but the relation blooms anyway. NOW! Does this sound interesting? I enjoyed the book a lot and was sorry it ended.

A GOOD AMERICAN by Alex George

A GOOD AMERICAN by Alex George (c) 2012.  This book  was the Library Journal’s BEST BOOK OF THE YEAR. It’s about German immigrant Meisenheimer family. The story is narrated by James a third generation American living in Beatrice, Missouri, which is where his grandparents Frederick and Jette Meisenheimer settled after a perilous trip across country and the the swollen Mississippi River. The stories this family yells are sometimes humorous, and sometimes sad. It promises to be a good read though, and I look forward to reading it.

PRAYERS FOR SALE by Sandra Dallas

PRAYERS FOR SALE by Sandra Dallas, (c) 2009. I admit I’m partial to historical novels, and even more to those set in the depression era as this one is. It’s the year 1936, two years after the birth of my own mother. Hennie Comfort is an 85 year old woman living in Middle Swan, Colorado in the Rocky Mountains. One day she meets a young bride, 17 year old Nit Spindle who introduces herself asking if she can buy a prayer after seeing her PRAYERS FOR SALE sign on her porch. Nit leaves a nickle for Hennie to pay for the prayer.  They become fast friends over time. They have quilting in common plus the loss of a child. So far I’m loving this book and I bet you will too!

A NEW HOPE: A Thunder Point Novel by Robyn Carr

A NEW HOPE: A Thunder Point Novel by Robyn Carr, (c) 2015. Divorcee Ginger Dysart was living in deep grief over the SIDS death of her 4 month old son, when she moved to Thunder Point, a small town on the Oregon coast. There she starts a new life working in a flower shop, where she makes good friends and meets up with one angry and drunken man named Matt Lacoumette at a friend’s wedding reception. He’s angry over his own recent divorce and holds a grudge against his ex wife Natalie and ended up acting like an ass towards Ginger at the reception while asking her to dance. The next day he drops by the flower shop to apologize to Ginger and they end up going out and becoming fast friends, but they are both gun shy of starting a new romantic relationship. Of course they have phenomenal sex; (Don’t they all in these romance novels?) Meanwhile they are trying to work out their problems of Exs and grudges and grief… I’m enjoying the book a lot and bet you will also!

MORE THAN MEMORY by Dorothy Garlock

MORE THAN MEMORY by Dorothy Garlock, (c) 2001. Dorothy Garlock is one of my favorite authors. I pick up her books where I buy nearly every book I read, in flea markets and yard sales and thrift stores. I picked this one up nearly a week ago, but I read the last two books I posted about first. Today I started reading this one, starts out in 1949 Iowa, with a pregnant 16 year old girl named Nelda Hansen and her 18 year old boyfriend, Lute Hanson forced into marriage and quickie divorce to give her baby a real legitimacy. Nelda is quite intimidated by her marine father who’s a big tough bully of a man. Lute is upset she won’t go against her fatjer. She is too weak willed. Lute is sent packing and he joins the Navy. Nelda and her father move to Virginia where he remarries and his wife helps Nelda run away with her 6 month old baby girl back to Iowa and her grandparents. Soon after her baby girl dies and Nelda enrolls in college in Chicago. Now here it is 9 years later, Lute and Nelda are older and wiser. Nelda is not a woman to be intimidated anymore and Lute has a chip on his shoulder about the painful past they share. It’s starting out rather well as most Dorothy Garlock books do.