IMPOSSIBLE by Nancy Werlin

IMPOSSIBLE by Nancy Werlin, (c) 2008/2009. This is the story about a foster child who came from a cursed family. Do you mind a fantasy novel involving a battle between good and evil?A teen-aged romance involving the young girl getting pregnant? There’s also a race against time to save the girl. It’s definitely not my usual read, but I enjoyed it anyway. Remember the name Werlin rhymes with Merlin another fantasy character.



IN THE COUNTRY OF THE YOUNG by Lisa Carey, 2002. This 13 year old book has the author’s BIO in beginning of the book, right before the title page! Was she crying out for attention? Lisa Carey wrote one other book back then titled THE MERMAIDS SINGING. Lisa Carey lived in Ireland for 5 years. Is Carey an Irish name? I have a feeling it is. This book is about a haunting of a 40 year old male artist named Oisin MacDara (pronounced Oh-Sheen), with a psychic abilities inborn.  Now why did I say his abilities were “inborn”? Where did that come from? A little girl ‘s spirit is visiting his cabin, she is one who nearly drowned and died back in 1848 probably from hypothermia after a November shipwreck in Maine. Oisin calls her Neive (Pronounced Nee-av), thinking she is his dead sister’s spirit but her real name is Aisling (pronounced Ash-ling), and her spirit is waking up after many  years. Isn’t the Irish language beautiful? Even even pronounced in English it has that lilt to it.  I admit I don’t usually read about hauntings in novels, preferring to read of such things only if TRUE. I prefer reality over fiction when it come to such things. I am a curious woman after all. I’ll have to let you know how I like this one. I am someone who feel in love the the Canadian IRISH ROVERS as a preteen back in the early 70’s. That was an oddity when all my friends were listening to Rock and Roll I suppose. I know almost every words to most of their songs even now. I find the Irish language hard to understand since I have only a drop or two of Irish blood flowing through my veins. Although the JONES blood I inherited hasn’t helped my understand Welsh at all! Oh well! I best get on with my day.

NOTE: I guess this is a fantasy book.. I mean the girl ghost/spirit has been living with the man Oisin for 3 months and everyone can see her as if she is alive, and now she’s accelerated growing into a teenager and seems to be sick with a fever right now. None the less I will continue to read this ODD story.. At least it’s ODD for me to be reading it!