Here is the story of an autistic teenager name Christopher John Francis Boone, (c) 2003. This book was reprinted 62 times by 2003, it must have been popular. Christopher knows many facts about the world and number sequences but he feels no human emotions like we do, (hopefully). This is the story of a murder of a neighbor’s dog with a pitchfork. At first the cops think Christopher did it, since he removed the pitch fork and carried the dead dog to the owner, but the cops find out they were wrong. This odd young man didn’t kill the dog, but Christopher has decided to find out who did. It starts out interesting enough with the getting arrested for hitting a cop who touched him when he hates being touched by anyone. So his dad comes to get him and take him home. That is all I have read so far.I will finish this interesting book.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time


LIAR’S BENCH by Kim Michele Richardson

LIAR’S BENCH by Kim Michele Richardson, (c) 2015. Mudas Summers (How’s that for a given name? Mudas!) The day Mudas Summers turned 17 her mother Ella died. Other’s in town think she tired of her second husband’s abuse and killed herself, but Muddy doesn’t agree! Muddy’s almost boyfriend Bobby Marshall is hiding a secret, he passes for white but his slave ancestor Frannie Crow was hung on a nearby plantation over a century ago in 1860.  This story deals with bigotry and brutality down South. It seems to be a good story so far.

WHAT SHE LEFT BEHIND by Ellen Marie Wiseman

WHAT SHE LEFT BEHIND by Ellen Marie Wiseman, (c) 2014. This trade paperback cost $15.00 by the way. I bought it for a buck at a thrift store. I am truly enjoying this book about a 17 year old foster child named Isabelle Stone. Izzy ‘s mother is in prison after shooting her father to death, not something she wants made public. Izzy is a senior at a new school and living with a new family. It’s hard trying to be accepted at a new school, and Izzy is of course having trouble with a certain girl named Shannon and her friends, who end up playing cruel jokes on Izzy. Turns out Shannon is just as damaged as Izzy with her own problems. Go on read this book, it would make a good movie.

SAVING GRANDMA by Frank Schaeffer

SAVING GRANDMA by Frank Schaeffer, (c) 1997. This book is described as “poignant and hilarious”  by The Los Angeles Times. This is the story of Calvin Dort Becker. The son of bible believing missionaries, who in the year 1967 are trying to spread the Word to “spastic children” in Switzerland.  Calvin is a very horney teenager living with a bunch of crazy Cgristains, Then his foul mouthed and rather nasty grandma moves in after breaking her hip and she disrupts the whole family. Meanwhile horny Calvin spends his time masturbating with one of the equally horny teens who has cerebral palsy, named Jean-Pierre. Calvin has fallen madly in love with Jennifer and they don’t seem to almost make love but never go all the way until the near the end. Then someone thinks they see Calvin and Jean-Pierre doing the dirty deed with each other when that wasn’t the case at all, but I don’t want to explain. Have fun reading about this crazy religious family.

SONG OF THE BUFALO BOY by Sherry Garland

SONG OF THE BUFFALO BOY by Sherry Garland (1992). I wonder if Sherry is related to Dorothy Garland? I love her book as much as I enyed this one. NO sex involved as 17 year old Loi runs away from home to avoid marrying a horrible army officer find her American father. She ends up in Ho Chi Minh City where she waits for her one true love Khai the Buffalo Boy whom she wants to marry. This story is suitable for preteens since it has no sex and very little violence.

EDDIE’S BASTARD by William Kowalski

EDDIE’S BASTARD by William Kowalski, 1999. This is a coming of age story about William Amos Mann IV, also known as Billy, is the son of a heroic pilot killed in the Vietnam war and an unknown woman. Billy is an Irish American and last in his family’s line, he was raised by his hard drinking grandfather Thomas Mann. I’m really enjoying this old Trade Paperback, I’ll read more from this author in the future.

NOTE: Read this book! You won’t be sorry!