THE HEARTS OF HORSES by Molly Gloss, (c) 2007. This World War I period story takesin the winter of 1917. Nineteen year old Martha Lessen is a tall big-boned woman, with a pleasant wide mouthed smile. She travels to eastern Oregon with three of her horses looking for work. What with the war going on many men are missing from their farms women have taken over the job of “breaking” horses to saddle. Martha doesn’t “break” a horse as we usually think, as in a bucking bronco style,  she “gentles” them into the saddle. As the townspeople get to know Martha they learn to appreciate her company and her way with their horses. I’m only on page 62 and I’m really enjoying this book so far. I look forward to reading more books by this authoress.

HOPE RISING by Stacy Henrie

HOPE RISING by Stacy Henrie, 2014. This is a very good book so far, about a World War I Army nurse named Evelyn Gray who falls in love with a soldier named Ralph Kelley and finds herself pregnant, which means expulsion from her nursing job, but that was okay since they planned on marrying as soon as he returned from duty. Unfortunately Ralph dies during a skirmish with Evelyn’s name on his lips. His best friend Joel Campbell, who was severely injured by the attack feels responsible. Later he meets Evelyn Gray in the army hospital where he finds out he cannot father children due to a pelvic injury. Evelyn learns this and understands his anguish since he dreamed of being a father someday.  Meanwhile Evelyn and Joel become friends and he learns of her pregnancy with Ralph’s child. We can all guess what’s going to happen next.. oh the rocky road to love…

NOTE: I don’t want to give anymore away than what the blurb on the cover says, just know that this is a very good book.