AT THE SCENT OF WATER by Linda Nichols

AT THE SCENT OF WATER by Linda Nichols, 2004. Here’s my version of the book blurb:

This is the story of Samuel Truelove, a gifted heart surgeon, who married Annie the love of his life, and they had a beautiful daughter. One day Samuel was asked to perform emergency surgery that sent a deadly cascade of events in motion and their picture perfect life started to unravel.

Broken hearted Annie Truelove leaves her beloved home in the mountains of North Carolina, hoping to escape her grief. She moves to far away Seattle to start over. Not that she’s any happier with her memories which of course still haunt her everyday. Then she is offered a job with The Los Angels Times, where she hopes a better life awaits her, but a disturbing headline interrupts her plans and takes her back home to her husband, where the past coming flooding back to her.

Here’s the teaser:
“He remembered the foolish hope that had carried him through the first year. She had been traumatized, he told himself. She just needed time to recover from the events that had torn both of their hearts to pieces.”

I’ll have to let you know what I think later!

NOTE: Here I am on page 94 and I can’t seem to get into the book, there’s to many religious overtones..and Biblical quotes. If you are a true Christian and go to church every week, or even one who doesn’t, you may love this book.


THE HOUSE OF WINSLOW SERIES, the RELUCTANT BRIDEGROOM 1838 by Gilbert Morris (1990). The House of Winslow Series seems to be pleasing to the reader’s eye, if he or she can overlook the Bible thumping you find occasionally. I’m really enjoying this story about SKY WINSLOW, who’s one-quarter Sioux, the widower and father of a 12-year-old boy named Joe. Sky has the job of transporting a number of single women over the Oregon trail in order to become the wives of men they’ve never even met before. From reading a few of the other books in the series I already know he and Rebekah Jackson, she’s a single, beautiful and pregnant 22-year-old with an orphan baby boy she is raising. They fall in love and get married at some point. It is proving to be a good read.


THE HOUSE OF WINSLOW SERIES: THE LAST CONFEDERATE, 1860 by Gilbert Morris, (1990). This is the story of Sky and Rebekah Winslow who return from Oregon City to settle on a plantation in Virginia. A young northerner named Thad Novak is hired to work on the plantation, but can the northerner be trusted? What are his motives? The Winslow boys and Thad Novak are conscripted to fight in a war they don’t believe in since it forces them to fight against the Winslow relatives from the North.

Well, as you may know Gilbert Morris is a former pastor who became a Professor of English at Ouachita Baptist University of Arkansas, so it has a little Bible talk weaved in amongst the story.

NOTE: I didn’t finish this book, for some reason the War talk bored me.

The House of Winslow/ Book 17: THE YUKON QUEEN by Gilbert Morris

The House of Winslow/ Book 17: THE YUKON QUEEN by Gilbert Morris, (1995).  AS you can see this writer is very prolific. The Winslows are a family who must many interesting adventures. This story is about a young man named Cassidy Winslow who’s 18 years old when the story starts out in 1896. I don’t usually read books by male authors, especially if were former pastors. I can bet there’s no bad language in this book and no hanky panky either.. LOL Cassidy Winslow is young and ready for adventure, and he takes off for the Yukon gold fields where he meets up with Fletcher Stevens who’s dying and offers Cass money to search for gold and share it with his daughter Serena who has been living in a convent for the past 4 years since her mother’s death.

NOTE: Hey, this book was written by a former pastor before he became a Professor of English at Ouachita Baptist University in Arkansas. OKay let me first say the writing was excellent, but I found the preaching in the book a little off putting to me, but the story was good so I read the whole book. Of course it had a happy ending and the iffy main characters were “saved” and converted. They found their way back to God. If you have any problem with that, don’t read it. I have taken out 3 more books by Gilbert Morris, I’ll have to let you know what I think of them. I’m assuming her tries to make converts of his readers in all his books.

A FAMILY TO CHERISH by Ruth Logan Herne

A FAMILY TO CHERISH by Ruth Logan Herne, (2012).  Okay folks this is another Love Inspired romance. That means it’s another Christian writer and publisher. I don’t really attend church like I used to as a child, but I still read these books if the story line is good.

This one is about a widower named Cam Calhoun who has two daughters in elementary school who have grown up without a mother since ages 4 and nearly two. They are now 9 and 7 years old. Meredith Brennan used to be Cam’s sweetheart who returns to town 14 years after leaving for a new and better life. Now she’s opening up a Spa in an old Victorian home and Cam has been hired to refurbish it. Meanwhile Meredith is falling in love with Cam and his two adorable daughters, and of course he’s falling in love with her. I’m assuming the book has a happy ending but I’ll finish reading it anyway, just to see how they stumble along the way, and lets face it romances always have roadblocks.

Love Finds You In LANCASTER COUNTY Pennsylvania by Annalisa Daughety

Love Finds You In LANCASTER COUNTY Pennsylvania by Annalisa Daughety. This piece of Christian Fiction is the story of a philandering baseball star’s widow and and Amish widow who open up a gift shop together in Lancaster County PA. Caroline DeMarco is a Southern belle and widow of a Baseball Star, who also lost her mother the year before. ON a whim Caroline decides to take that trip to Lancaster, PA she had planned to take with her mother, but never got the chance to where she meets a certain young man named Michael Landis who catches her fancy at the Bed and Breakfast farm she stays in. Lidia Ann Raber is an Amish widow from Ohio who travels to Lancaster with her two daughters to visit her father who moved there with his new wife. Once there she meets Simon Zook. She also meets up with Caroline DeMarco and they decide to open a gift shop in Lancaster County. The writing is good in this book so I will continue to read it.


CHRISTMAS IN SUGARCREEK by Shelly Shepard Gray, is an Amish story. It about the relationship of 3 couples. One young Amish man married an “English” girl and is shunned by his family, so he is now “English” too, he left the order and they have joined the Mennonite order in the same town. Because he is now Mennonite ha shaves, no more beard and wears jeans instead of the wool knit pants of the traditional Amish, and he happily finds them more comfortable to wear. Lily has a computer, and they both drive a car, so it’s nice to know you can have a few modern luxuries in a Mennonite home. I guess the Mennonites are shunned by the Amish, which is also a sad thing… Lily the new Mennonite wife has stopped wearing English jeans and tops and now wears the typical Mennonite woman’s dress and cap. Because of the large amount of SHUNNING involved in the lives of the Amish I find the novels sad, depressing, they put me off, I feel upset at their inflexibility with their own family members. Nevertheless I am nearly finished with the book, I knew it was a quick read.

NOTE: Do I recommend this book? Only if you want to learn about the Amish or can overlook their not acting like decent human being to their own Amish family or friends who need to go down a different path..