THE MEN OF MEDICINE RIDGE by Diana Palmer, (c) 2004.  Here I am on page 104 before I notice this is a double novel. This is a Harlequin  Books publication, I had no idea.  So I’m reading along. The first story is one of those virgin and sexy male, are wrought with sexual tension. Lots of foreplay and no action so far! What do you expect from Harlequin anyway? Ha! It’s just a lot of the “same old, same old: when it come to romance novels. The first story is titled THE WEDDING IN WHITE, the second is titled CIRCLE OF GOLD. The setting is in Medicine Ridge Ranch for the first one. It involved a beautiful, virginal orphan ready to graduate from college, and the sexy, manly,  unmarried, confirmed bachelor who’s also a one eyed older man she grew up with. (Hee hee).

CIRCLE OF GOLD is another cowboy story for us to enjoy.. Oh well..

AFTER TEX by Sherryl Woods

AFTER TEX by Sherryl Woods, (c) 1999/2013. This story was a nice, yet predictable read. We all know love will triumph in the end in a Sherryl Woods story. This one involves Megan O’Rourke who’s head of a media empire in New York City.  After her grandfather Tex O’Rourke passes away Megan is called home for the first time in 5 years. (Honestly I can’t ever imagine staying away from my home and a beloved grampa that long even if we didn’t see eye to eye on my lifestyle).

Once Megan arrives home she is greeted by her old love Jake Landers and the fact that she’s now the guardian of her own eight year old aunt! Doesn’t that sound complicated? It seems Tex was lonely after Megan left for New York and got himself involved with a woman of loose morals, whom dumped the child with Tex and took off six months earlier. Well, I think I’ll let you read the book to find out the ending.

MORNING LIGHT by Catherine Anderson

MORNING LIGHT by Catherine Anderson, (c)2008. Here’s another story about a psychic  named Loni MacEwen and cowboy named Clint Harrigan who fall in love while they search for a missing 8 year old boy who happens to be the son of the cowboy. The thing is the Clint didn’t even know the child existed until the Loni searched him out. Of course he thought she was crazy and his Catholic upbringing warned against psychics so they had a rough beginning. Of course they fall in love. Need I say more?

NOTE: It was enjoyable but predictable as most romance novels are.

A DREAM TO CALL MY OWN by Tracie Peterson

A DREAM TO CALL MY OWN, Brides of Gallatin County- Book Three by Tracie Peterson, (2009). This cute little Western Romance takes place in Montana. The two previous books where about the romances of Gwen Gallatin and her middle sister Beth Gallatin. This last book is about their youngest sister Lacy Gallatin and her rocky romance with Dave Shepherd, the local deputy sheriff. Of course all these Tracie Peterson books have a happy ending. I just finished this book today, yes I recommend it for a light romance.

THE LAST TRUE COWBOY by Kathleen Eagle

THE LAST TRUE COWBOY by Kathleen Eagle, 1998. I admit the title sounds corny, but it’s a good book. Not a GREAT book but a good one. I’m over half done with tale about the “Horse whisperer” and the family he helps in Wyoming. It takes place on a ranch in the mountains and covers, wild mustangs and AIDS and sisters who disagree and a on old grandma who’s trying to keep her ranch. Anyway I do recommend it.

A KISS FOR CADE by Lori Copeland

A KISS FOR CADE by Lori Copeland, 1997. This book from The Western Sky Series, is about a bounty hunter named Cade Kolby who returns home after the death of his sister and her husband, with the object of finding his sister’s 4 children a home. He finds his old love Zoe, taking care of the kids in her cramped apartment above the store she inherited upon the death of her husband. Cade and Zoe, still love each other after all these years, but his job as a bounty hunter means he has murders on his tail and that puts the family and whole town in danger.  It’s been 15 years but sparks are still flying for the two lovebirds.

NOTE: This book has a happy ending I’m sure and I can guess what it is already! Need I say more?