THE SURVIVORS BY Dina McCall, (2007).  A passenger plane has gone down in the Appalachians and rescue teams are out looking for survivors. Two of them are missing; a five-year-old boy named Johnny O’Ryan and a woman. Twenty miles from the crash sight a psychic woman named Deborah Sanborn has a vision of the two survivors, and she volunteers to help the O’Ryan family find Johnny and the woman. They don’t know what to make of Deborah, but with the snow falling now time is running out on them, and there happens to be killer after them since they witnessed a murder.

TWO ALONE by Sandra Brown

TWO ALONE by Sandra Brown, (1987). I know this book is an oldie but it’s a goodie! Rusty Carlson is a beautiful woman who was stranded in the Alaskan wilderness when the small charter plane she was on crashes. She thought she was the only one who made it out alive until she heard a moaning inside the plane. Now there is one more survivor;  a Vietnam veteran named Cooper Landry, and the story is all about the two trying to make it our of there alive, in spite of Rusty’s leg injury. Will they fall in love? So far. it’s a good book.