A HUNDRED SUMMERS by Beatriz Williams

A HUNDRED SUMMERS by Beatriz Williams, (c) 2014. This novel starts out in October 1931 in New Hampshire. Lily Dane is in college and hangs out with her best friends Budgie and Kiki watching Dartmouth College football games. Out there on the football field Lily sees the handsome and Jewish Nick Greenwald. Lily seems the only one interested in him. Nick gets hurt during thast game.

The next chapter jumps to Seaview, Rhode Island in 1938. I gather from the back cover blurb that Lily is engaged to Nick Greenwald at some point but he ends up married to Budgie and they are very wealthy. There’s some secrets to be told and a hurricane is churning in the Atlantic, so lots of things happening ahead!

A YEAR BY THE SEA by Joan Anderson

A YEAR BY THE SEA by Joan Anderson, (c) 1999, 2000. This is the true story of a woman and her husband taking a year off from their marriage. Joan ends up at a family seaside cottage working at a fish market, and clamming for money. It’s very interesting to be able to live such a laid back life with intervals of her family visiting. Does Joan end up divorced? I’m not telling.

NANTUCKET NIGHTS by Elin Hilderbrand

NANTUCKET NIGHTS by Elin Hilderbrand, (c) 2002. This family drama takes place on the small Nantucket Island. It involves three women who met twenty years earlier. They began a tradition of Midnight Swimming-naked no less, after imbibing on lobster and champagne. They would also swap stories and sometimes reveal a secret. But now they are all older and their lives are complicated and intertwined. One of the swimmers went swimming in the moonlight and never returned. Now there’s an investigation going on… This was a very good book, a short read too!

AMAZING GRACIE by Sherryl Woods

AMAZING GRACIE by Sherryl Woods, (c) 1998. Here’s another typical Sherryl Woods romance novel. Meet Gracie MacDougal an American workaholic who helps to run a string of hotels in France. She gets fed up with her new boss and quits, then she ends up vacationing in Seagull Point, Virginia where she meets Kevin Daniels her love interest from whom she is trying to buy an old Victorian house to convert into a bed and breakfast. It’s well written as are all of Sherryl Woods romances.

THE HURRICANE SISTERS by Dorthea Benton Frank

THE HURRICANE SISTERS by Dorthea Benton Frank,(c) 2014. This book has titled chapters, something I don’t see very often anymore. I wonder if Frank’s other books I read had titled chapters? This one takes place in South Carolina. It involves beast friends and cousins Ashley Anne Waters and Mary Beth Smythe. They are both 23 years old and live rent free in Ashley’s parent’s Carolina, Lowcountry beach house on Sullivan’s Island. Ashley is a art gallery assistant and greeting card painter who aspires to be a full time artist. While Mary Beth works as a caterer while searching for a teaching job.  Now the girls have got the idea to rent out the house for beach parties and soirees. Something seems to be looming in the future to upset their lives.

ALL I WANT IS YOU A Coral Cove Novel by Tori Blake

ALL I WANT IS YOU; A Coral Cove Novel by Toni Blake, (2014). 24 year old Christy Knight grew up in Destiny Ohio, and she feels downtrodden and alone since her parents died in a housefire in town. She had to skip her final semester of college and get a full time job just to pay the bills. Christy wants to move back home for a while to make her jewelry, although that doesn’t pay the bills, so she decides she needs to find a man she can count on both financially and emotionally. Somehow she ends up in Coral Cove, where she mets Jack DuVall, who appears to be broke, but he’s really not.

NOTE: I’ll let you know if I like this one. I enjoy the writing style so far.

SEA GLASS ISLAND by Sherryl Woods

SEA GLASS ISLAND by Sherryl Woods, 2013. I’ll be the first to admit the most of Sherryl Woods books run on the same format. Southern sisters living by the sea, but I enjoy them, so I do read them. This one involves a New York City actress named Samantha Castle who’s down on her luck and a doctor who lived through a war and ended up with a prosthetic lower leg.  Ethan Cole moved back to town to start a practice with the man who’s marrying Samantha’s sister. Samantha whom she had a crush on Ethan in high school, so OF COURSE they will fall in love and get married, I KNOW that, but still I plan on reading it anyway. Happy endings are not a bad thing.

NOTE: This was of course a predicable book, but I enjoyed it anyway!