WHAT THE HEART KNOWS by Kathleen Eagle

WHAT THE HEART KNOWS by Kathleen Eagle (c) 2000. Here’s a little Native American tale. It involves a murder mystery on a a Lakota reservation involving the death of an old tribe elder who also owns the Pair A Dice Casino. Old Roy Blue Sky requested someone to come and investigate where all the casino money is going since it’s obviously not making it’s way to the reservation’s coffers. Helen Kitterling gets assigned the case and old Roy hit by  some vehicle and dies. Now she meets up with her old lover Roy’s son Reece Blue Sky with whom she shares a child, a thirteen year old boy named Sidney who Reece doesn’t even know about yet. I’m sure all the hidden truths will come out in the end, after all they uaually do, don’t they? I’m really enjoying the book though.

MAYBE THIS TIME by Jennifer Crusie

MAYBE THIS TIME by Jennifer Crusie, (c) 2010. Andromeda “Andie” Miller has been divorced from her first love North Archer for 10 years. He keeps sending her alimony checks which she never cashed. Now that she’s ready to move on and get married again she vists her Ex-husband and dumps all the checks on his desk.  He is obviously still in love with Andie but wants her to be happy even with someone else. Meanwhile he asks for her help in taking care of two children he is now the guardian of. They live in some remote area of southern Ohio in a creepy English castle with a moat that had been shipped piece by piece to America and reassembled in Ohio. It’s said to be haunted, and the kids are really a handful and seem a little strange. The housekeeper resents Andie barging into her situation. Meanwhile Andie is still attracted to her Ex-husband, and he to her as I said. I wonder if they will get back together? This may prove to be a good book by a writer I never heard of.

TWO ALONE by Sandra Brown

TWO ALONE by Sandra Brown, (1987). I know this book is an oldie but it’s a goodie! Rusty Carlson is a beautiful woman who was stranded in the Alaskan wilderness when the small charter plane she was on crashes. She thought she was the only one who made it out alive until she heard a moaning inside the plane. Now there is one more survivor;  a Vietnam veteran named Cooper Landry, and the story is all about the two trying to make it our of there alive, in spite of Rusty’s leg injury. Will they fall in love? So far. it’s a good book.

THE STONE FOREST by Karen Harper

THE STONE FOREST by Karen Harper, (2002). The story takes place in Stone County, Indiana, in a stone quarry town. Jenna and Amanda Kirk are kidnapped 15 years earlier on Jenna’s 16th birthday. They seem to be taped up in some cave. Soon after Jenna is drugged  and 18 year old Mandy is never seen again as she is led away screaming. Later Jenna is found wandering alone with no memory of what happened. Now here Jenna is at age 30 come back to her old hometown to finally find out what really happened to her sister Mandy. Although someone seems to trying to scare Jenna away. She may have to explore the labyrinthine caves to find out the answer. Jenna’s mother is some sort of politician, and I don’t usually enjoy books with major politics in the storyline.  I’ll just have to wait and see how it goes though. This book seems familiar so I may have read it before.

NOW YOU SEE HER by Joy Fielding

NOW YOU SEE HER by Joy Fielding, 2011. I just finished reading this suspense/semi romance novel and it was VERY interesting. I highly recommend it if you love suspense. This story is a bout a woman who is searching for her daughter who committed suicide 2 years earlier, but her body was never found. Now Marcy Taggert is searching for her daughter in Ireland, where she’s gone on a prearranged “second honeymoon” all alone because her husband is divorcing her after the death of their daughter Devon. It was a very exciting book to read for a change. I seldom read a supspence novel. JOY FIELDING has written 22 other novels I’m happy to say!


STRANGERS IN PARADISE by Heather Graham, 2012. I don’t usually read these romance/suspense novels. This one starts out with a prolong in 1863 Florida of all places with a Civil War soldier named Pierre with a pregnant wife Eugenia and something about riches that glitter behind a brick wall… Then it reverts to modern day in the first chapter. Alexi Jordan inherits the mansion which is supposedly haunted. Her new neighbor Rex Morrow has appointed himself as her protector. I just wonder what he’s protecting her from?

NOTE: So.. it’s a typical romance suspense book.. Man and woman strongly attracted to reach other.. Woman was abused in previous relationship and fearful for her own safety and is alone in the old cobwebby, creaky mansion.. She hears footsteps on the stairs then screams.. man runs to save her.. then more creepy crawly and slithery things are let loose by the mean old person who wants her outta the house.. after all it’s full of hidden gold… or so the story goes.. LOL

Well I can predict the outcome of the book, but I’ll read it anyway..

NOTE: I COULDN’T STAND THIS BOOK, TOO PREDICTABLE.. I’m returning it to the library tomorrow.

AT ANY COST by Lauren Nichols

AT ANY COST by Lauren Nichols, 2012. This is a LOVE INSPIRED SUSPENSE large print book.  Well Love Inspired is from a Christian Publisher you know, but the story sounds interesting since I don’t usually read suspense books.

Jenna Harper’s ex, tried to murder her after she broke up with him, and although she survived she’s hiding out to avoid being attacked again. Now she’s taking no chances getting caught. no unnecessary risks, no credit cards and defiantly no men. But Jenna is attacked to Beau Travis, the rugged carpenter who’s working on renovating her B & B. (Although I wonder how she can advertise for a B & B without getting her photo in the paper on on line somewhere).

NOTE: Well I’m going to give this book a try, although I’m going to end up going back to the library tomorrow since I already read the other book I took out.