IF I STAY by Gayle Forman

IF I STAY by Gayle Forman, (c) 2010. This book reminds me the story LOVELY BONES. I watched that movie and I read the book. The movie was down right depressing watching the spirit of the girl as she visited her family and her murderer. Then her bones are never recovered from that trunk in the sink hole. How depressing can a story get. Even though the murderer get his in the end it was still sad. Now IF I STAY, is quite similar except the 17 year old girl Mia is in a coma, and her spirit watches everything going on. Seeing her parents dead bodies and her own damaged body on the side of the road. Meanwhile she and her younger brother are alive. So I guess her spirit/soul gets to decide if she goes with her parents or stays on earth with her brother. Although I thought we didn’t get a choice, that the creator chooses? Anyway I will continue to read this book.


A NEW HOPE: A Thunder Point Novel by Robyn Carr

A NEW HOPE: A Thunder Point Novel by Robyn Carr, (c) 2015. Divorcee Ginger Dysart was living in deep grief over the SIDS death of her 4 month old son, when she moved to Thunder Point, a small town on the Oregon coast. There she starts a new life working in a flower shop, where she makes good friends and meets up with one angry and drunken man named Matt Lacoumette at a friend’s wedding reception. He’s angry over his own recent divorce and holds a grudge against his ex wife Natalie and ended up acting like an ass towards Ginger at the reception while asking her to dance. The next day he drops by the flower shop to apologize to Ginger and they end up going out and becoming fast friends, but they are both gun shy of starting a new romantic relationship. Of course they have phenomenal sex; (Don’t they all in these romance novels?) Meanwhile they are trying to work out their problems of Exs and grudges and grief… I’m enjoying the book a lot and bet you will also!

GOOD IN BED by Jennifer Weiner

GOOD IN BED by Jennifer Weiner, (c) 1989. This book is older than I thought!… Oh well, any story about a chubby main character is going to catch the eye of any chubby reader looking for romance, and even those like me who are in a good marriage! Cannnie Shapiro is twenty-eight years old. Her mother recently came charging out of the closet, he father is out of the picture, but she loves her friends and her little dog Nifkin.

One day Cannie gets a phone call from a friend telling her to read  a story in a national woman’s magazine which Cannie’s ex-boyfriend wrote titled “”Loving a Larger Woman.” Cannie is miserable now but she’s working on her life to make it better to figure out who she is and what makes her really happy..

ONE NIGHT by Debbie Macomber

ONE NIGHT by Debbie Macomber, (1994/2010). Okay this is an OLDIE but a goodie. You know when a character reminds you of yourself? Well that’s what has happened here, this woman reminds me of my own uncensored self. Carrie Jamison is a morning DJ at KUTE radio station. She doesn’t get along with the news anchor Kyle Harris, and they will both be fired if they don’t start getting along. Carries is a laid back girl and Kyle is an uptight man in a suit. Here’s how Kyle and Carrie describe each other in the beginning of the story as they are having lunch to discuss ways to get along and keep their jobs. They agree they respect each other professionally but it goes downhill from there when Carrie suggests;

“I might be putting my foot in my mouth by saying this but it seems to me it’d help if you learned to relax.” Carrie says. “You know Let your hair down once in a while and stop being so serious.” Meanwhile Kyle’s ears are turning red, then his face and neck as he gets angry.

Kyle replies with “Perhaps you should look at yourself before throwing stones.” But Carries tells him to go ahead and speak his mind. So he does; “You don’t think before you speak. You say whatever comes to your mind, without censoring the thought. And while we’re on the subject–” He stopped abruptly and she urged him to go on. “You’re immature and stubborn as a two year old,” he continued, “and you haven’t got a sensible thought in your head.” Carrie goes on the point out Kyle’s arrogance.

Well to make a long story short. They agree to go to a Radio Broadcaster’s convention together to make more of an effort to get along, and they spend one passion filled night together, and now Kyle feels obliged to make an honest woman of her.

NOTE: Does that mean Carrie got pregnant? I’m not sure. LOL I always did enjoy Debbie Macomber’s books and this one certainly has a different theme.


RETURN TO WILLOW LAKE by Susan Wiggs, 2012. Remember Sonnet Romano from the Willow Lake stories Susan Wiggs wrote? Sonnet is bi-racial and was brought up in her mother’s big Italian family in the small town of Avalon, in New York state. Well in this one Sonnet is all grown up, and she’s just had mind blowing sex with her old best friend Zach Alger from back home, but she doesn’t want to admit to that mistake even though it may have repercussions down the road. Sonnet finally met her father Laurence Jefferies while she was in college, who’s now running for State Senate. He’s a wealthy married black man with a well brought up family, all used to the best life has to offer. He’s a real Go-getter and Sonnet feels she has to prove herself to him, that she’s just as ambitious. Her new Ivy League boyfriend Orlando is Jefferies’ Campaign manager. He’s a rather formal man in his thirties and worried about how Sonnet’s life will make the news when it comes to her father’s campaign. Orlando is Cuban-American, and so acceptable to her father. There’s already been a leak about how Sonnet and Zach had a little romp between the sheets. Anyway, I’m enjoying the book with it’s easier to read larger type. Especially since I already know most of the characters.