THE STONE DIARIES by Carol Shields

THE STONE DIARIES by Carol Shields, (c) 1993. This old book is a New York Times Bestseller which won a Pulitzer Prize in 1995. This is the story of Daisy Stone Goodwill who was born in 1905 in Manitoba, Canada. Her mother Mercy died during her birth and she was raised by a neighbor for 11 years in another Canadian town. At age 11 after her caretaker died she went to live with her father who was now a successful businessman in Indiana, USA.When she was about 20 years old Daisy ends up a widow who ends up at age 30 or so marrying the much older son of the woman who raised her.

The funny thing is I thought this book was a NOVEL! In fact it is a true story with photos and all! Truly a surprise to me since it’s written like a novel with artistic license. I AM enjoying the book and hope you will too, although the chapters usually had a long, detailed introduction to each person mentioned in the book.

Now I find it’s a FICTIONAL autobiography! But it has photos of REAL people! I’m confused.  So it’s NOT BASED on real people, where’s the photo of the Daisy, the main character?