BAD GIRL CREEK by Jo-Ann Mapson

Bad Girl Creek2

BAD GIRL CREEK by Jo-Ann Mapson, 2002. This National Bestseller is about 38 year old Phoebe De Thomas who is wheelchair bound and who inherits a flower farm from her Aunt Sadie. Phoebe takes on three roommates who help her run the farm. It promises to be a good book so I’ll let you know what I think later.

Phoebe has accepted the homeless woman Ness (short for Preciousness) and her horse Leroy as her first roommate(s). Ness has a secret she’s keeping for the other women who live in Phoebe’s large farm house.

Nance was nearly homeless but after a extensive and honestly answered questionnaire she was accepted into the household with her dog Duchess.

Beryl was getting kicked out of her apartment due to her noisy cussing bird and the fact that she lied on her lease application that she’s an ex-con. Yet again Phoebe accepted her into her home even knowing what crime she committed.

This really is a good book..

Here a random excerpt from the book:
“Nance’s squeals of glee seem to rise to the ceiling, and Ness is laughing so hard she has to sit down. “M—– F—–!” Verde puts in, adding his two cents, and who would believe it’s Phoebe, wheeling herself back into the kitchen, who answers him back, matching him word for word and then some.
She has a book on her lap. “I want to read you guys something from my aunts gardening journal,” she says, and flips to a page she has marked with a blue ribbon. “Hair of the horse, hair of the d0g, soft fur of the rabbit, or your own human hair. If you scatter a little deep into the beds you mulch, the mineral content will be greatly improved beyond any of the stuff available commercially.'” She shuts the book and looks at us. “What do you think? Should we try it?”