THE YEAR OF FOG by Michelle Richmond

THE YEAR OF FOG by Michelle Richmond (c) 2007. Here is the story of a kidnapping of a 6 and 1/2 year old girl named Emma. She was being babysat by her father’s fiance Abby Mason. Abby and Emma were walking along the beach one foggy morning. Abby, a photographer stopped a moment to take photos of a dead baby seal pup, as Emma ran on ahead. As Abby looked up a moment later Emma had disappeared completely, that fast! Now the whole town is searching for the girl, and Any relationship she has with Emma’s father is slowly disintegrating. Abby is very hopeful that Emma will be found of course, she really does love the little girl.  I’m enjoying the writing and hope you will too. As always I never tell the ending, although sometimes it’s easy to guess.



THE LAKE OF DREAMS by Kim Edwards, (c) 2011. This story starts out in Japan, where hydrologist Lucy Jarret finds herself unemployed. Later when she returns home to New York, she meets an old love who’s now a glass artist. 10 years earlier her father drowned in a boating accident while fishing but no one knows what really happened.  Lucy wonders what would have happened if she had gone fishing with him when he asked her. Late one night as she walks in the family’s old lakeside house she finds some items locked away in an old window seat. The items will reveal old family secrets.. something about a young girl jumping out of a window while a comet passed by overhead. The items are linked to the suffragist movement and stained glass windows found in Lucy’s hometown and beyond. Well it sounds like a series of mysteries and I think I’m going to read this one.


A WEDDING IN DECEMBER by Anita Shreve, (c) 2006. This story takes place in an inn in the Berkshire Mountains. Seven former schoolmates gather to celebrate a wedding. All seven are reminiscing when they recall an event that happened many years ago, and how it changed each of their lives. Secrets are revealed that will change their futures also.

NOTE: I didn’t read this book, I found something more interesting to read.


WHILE ANGELS SLEEP  by Judith Kelman(c) 1988. This old suspense novel was a nice change form my usual fare. It was almost like watching a TV suspense movie. A wife and mother of 3 is forced to settle her father’s estate – an artists colony called Thornwood in Massachusetts.  Lots of weird goings on there along with an 11 year old daughter she adopted after marrying the girls father.

EVIDENCE OF LIFE by Barbara Taylor Sissel

EVIDENCE OF LIFE by Barbara Taylor Sissel, (2013). I could not put this book down! I started it yesterday morninig and I’m nearly finished with it! It’s a good read!

Abby thinks she has a perfect marriage, a handsome husband and two children Jake who’s in college and Lindsey who’s a 16 year old in Sr. high school. But then her husband and daughter who were on their way to a camping site came up missing after a major Texas flood. Now they are presumed dead but Abby keeps finding out odd details of her husband’s life. Who stole her husband’s leather jacket after he came up missing? This book will not disappoint you, I have about 30 pages to read yet, and I’m not exercising like I should or doing my chores!, but I will have to finish the book later!

SWORN TO SILENCE by Linda Castillo

SWORN TO SILENCE by Linda Castillo, 2009. By the author of PRAY FOR SILENCE. People Magazine says “Balancing chilling suspense and a nuanced portrait of the English-Amish divide… Sworn to Silence is the opening salvo in what promises to be a gripping series.”  Now that being said I have to find the other books in the series. So far it’s a good book and would make a great movie. IN fact I just noticed a similar movie on Dish network, starring Neve Campbell. I hope this isn’t the same movie. Oh well, I’m reading the book anyway. It seems that the police chief is a woman who survived an attack by a serial killer ay age 14, and she managed to survive AND kill the man who tried to torture and murder her! 

NOTE: It’s proven to be a good book. I plan to read more if they come my way.


THE GIRL IN THE GREEN RAINCOAT by Laura Lippman, 2008. Yes it IS a detective novel.. it certainly sounds like one doesn’t it?  This is a little 158 page one I found in the local library, on sale for a dime! (Can you believe that?) LOL I am not usually partial to detective novels, nit even kicky lively ones involving cats or food or knitters… but I figured I’d give it a try.

This one’s about a detective named Tess Monaghan who’s required to have complete bed rest the last two months of her pregnancy. So here she is watching people walk by on the park behind her house. Nearly everyday she sees a girl in a lime green raincoat walking her Italian Greyhound as she talks on her cell phone. One day Tess sees the dog running by with the leash still attached and no girl chasing after it! Tess becomes alarmed and asks her boyfriend and her detective partner Whitney to go find out what happened to the girl and her dog. I’m unexpectedly enjoying this little book. I hope you do too!

NOTE: I just can’t get into this book. The writing is fine, it’s just the genre, I don’t enjoy detective novels so I’m ditching it!