THE LIARS’ CLUB by Mary Karr

THE LIARS’ CLUB by Mary Karr, (1995/1996).  I have another memoir here, my cousin picked it up for me in her neck of the woods at a library book sale, seeing as how I love trade paperbacks to find new writers. This one is supposed to be rather entertaining about a “crazy family tormented by unspoken sorrows.” It’s supposed to be hard to put down.

This real life story happened in a Texas oil town, and the writer was raped in the schoolyard. Oh no, it sounds rather sad with a little cancer, madness and alcoholism and a vicious dog thrown in. It’s supposed to be humorous too? Well I’ll be danged!  I’ll have to let you know if I like it. The last memoir was too sad for me.

NOTE: I didn’t finish reading this sad story. By the way why are most memoirs SAD?