SUSQUEHANNA by Harriet Segal

This book was written by a local authoress being born in Wilkes-Barre, PA which the Susquehanna happens to runs through.

SUSQUEHANNA by Harriet Segal was printed in 1985. I admit I saved this one for last.. because it was local and I was afraid I would be disappointed, but I’m not! The story starts out in Russia and the characters are Russian Jews. Isaac Hillman is a widower with a young son and his brother Aaron has a wife and 2 children, they are running a steam riverboat in 1877 up and down the Neman River. So Isaac travels to America, and I will have to see what happens along the way. I always was attracted to Jewish story lines and life styles, since I have Jewish relatives.

NOTE: I’m REALLY enjoying this book! Harriet Segal used artistic license in the writing and changed what the real towns were like back then, perhaps making it more rural than country, things like that, but it’s a warm and cozy feeling seeing all these place names in the book. Some are so close to home for me.. only miles away at times.. It is well written!