BROOKLYN STORY by Suzanne Corso

BROOKLYN STORY by Suzanne Corso, (c) 2011. Samatha Bonti is half Jewish and half Italian, struggling to survive in Brooklyn, NY.  It starts out the summer of 1978 in Bensonhurst which is part of the borough of Brooklyn in NYC.  It is known as “Little Italy” for obvious reasons. Sam lives with her mother who was abused by her Italian husband, thanks to him Samantha’s mom went into premature labor and almost lost Sam. He eventually walked out on his family. Consequently mom becomes addicted to drugs and alcohol and her Jewish grandma Ruth moves in. Samantha has a dream to become a writer and move to Manhattan. Meanwhile she meets and falls in love with an Italian mobster and he has the means to ruin her life… I wonder if he does?


GIVING UP AMERICA by Pearl Abraham

GIVING UP AMERICA by Pearl Abraham, (c) 1998. This is a love story or rather the disintegration of one between a Hasidic Jewish woman raised in Jerusalem where the rest of her family still lives, and an Orthodox Jewish man who was raised in New York. They have a new home in Brooklyn near the EL train. I found it very interesting to learn more about Jewish lifestyles and how they differ even from each other with all the different sects. Will YOU find it interesting? Perhaps…

THE PLUM TREE by Ellen Marie Wiseman

THE PLUM TREE by Ellen Marie Wiseman, (c) 2013.  This story takes place during WWII in a German village. Since I am largely of German decent I enjoy reading books like this. Christine Bolz is a seventeen year old domestic servant working for a wealthy Jewish family. She falls in love with the son Isaac Bauerman. Isaac and Christine dream of sharing a life together but their life in the village in the year 1938 is running their chances of a happy life. Christine is forbidden to work for the Bauerman’s, as the whole country has become anti-Jewish.  AS I can see hard times ahead for both families, I’m sure I’ll enjoy this book, since it will reflect the reality of the times.

THE CURE FOR GRIEF by Nellie Hermann

THE CURE FOR GRIEF by Nellie Hermann, (2008). A “stunning” first debut book”  as mentioned on cover by Chicago Sun-Times. Here I go with another Jewish “Coming of age” story. There is even one more Jewish storyline book in my book sale box that I know of, maybe even more. This story one is about a girl named Ruby Bronstein, who is nine years old. In the prologue is a scene where she at age 20 pushes her brother twenty eight year old brother Aaron over a cliff and he dies.

The first chapter 1987, her family is on vacation in Maine, when she at age 8 finds a gun sticking out of the mud. It was small and heavily rusted. Ruby wants to give it to her parents. Her bothers want to clean it up, but she hands it over to her mom and dad alway.

The second chapter describes her brother Abe going off to college and coming home a few weeks later minus his sanity. Yes folks he has gone crazy it seems you can tell when Ruby describes him crying at the table saying he did NOT want to go to college. Now here it is two weeks later and he’s home acting like a child. The next morning Abe is standing naked at the foot of the stairs while they are eating breakfast in the kitchen. Dad rushed Abe upstairs and talks to him. NO one knows what they are discussing. That’s all there is for now, I don’t want o give away the whole plot, I want you to WANT to read this interesting book also.