OPHELIA’S MUSE BY by Rita Cameron

OPHELIA’S MUSE BY by Rita Cameron, (c)2015. Lizzie Siddal is a beautiful young woman with pale skin and a head of red/gold hair. She is a woman of good breeding having a family that has fallen on hard times and needs her job as a millinery seamstress to help support the family. One evening an artist named Daniel Raphael Rossetti rescues her from the arms of a lecherous drunk, but she runs off into the night without them exchanging words, although he never forgot her striking beauty. Later his classmate at the local college artist friend discovers Lizzy working in the millinery his mother goes to and he asks permission to use her as an artist’s model. Soon she is a model for the members of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, a society of painters who choose to paint their own way, not as the old masters did in their art school. Then she begins an affair with Rossetti whom she marries and later ends up betrayed, ill and addicted to drugs. I’m on page 37 and the book is still holding my interest. Coincidentally my husband and I are both artists, he n oil paints and me with watercolors, pen and ink.


THIS IS HOW I’D LOVE YOU by Hazel Woods, (c) 2014. Hazel Woods lives in New Mexico with her husband and two children, so I am not surprised some of the story takes place there. I plan on reading more of Hazel’s work, if she has any in the future. This is the story of star crossed lovers… Or so it looks right up to the end, but will they smarten up and become one family? I highly recommend this book about an ambulance driver in WWI and the daughter of his pen pal chess player whom he loves but hasn’t met. I found the tragic story just enchanting! (Okay that is a real flowery word coming from my mind.. sorry!)

DAY DREAMER by Jill Marie Landis

DAY DREAMER by Jill Marie Landis, (c) 1996. Okay this is an old hot and heavy historical romance, the likes of which I haven’t read in quite a while. 20 year old Celine Winters is living in New Orleans. She grew up an orphan of a prostitute and a gypsy. Her guardian Persa, a fortune teller took over her care after her mother died. Like many Gypsies Celine has the second sight and all she has to do is touch someone to see into their past. One day a male client kills Persa because of what she saw in his past, and then tries to kill Celine also but she gets away and stumbles in the path of a wealthy run away Irish girl and she ends up marrying the man the girl was supposed to wed in an arranged marriage. Now Celine is on her way to the est Indies with her new husband Cordero Moreau. This proves to be an interesting read.