WELCOME TO LAST CHANCE by Cathleen Armstrong

WELCOME TO LAST CHANCE by Cathleen Armstrong, (c) 2013. This is a totally sex free family drama and Christian romance novel. So do not read this if you don’t go foe talk of Church, choirs, and praying. It abut a woman named Lainie Davis who is running away from a boyfriend who sells drugs. Lainie was kicked out of the house at age 14 and has been on her own ever since and now she wants a good stable life and someone safe she can love and have a life with. She ends up in Last Chance when her car breaks down and immediately gets adopted by the people in town. Go ahead and read it anyway, you might like it.

BY THE SEA by Joan Anderson

A YEAR BY THE SEA by Joan Anderson, (c) 1999. This is the true story of a menopausal woman who separated form her husband and spends a year by the sea. I guess she’s learning to be her true self? Can we really do that? Be who we are without thinking about it first? Judging our every action? So far I’m enjoying the book. You might also. It’s not a long story, just 181 pages before you get to the About the Book section at the back (which I skip over usually). So far Joan spends time working in a fish market and meets up with an older lady named Joan Erikson and they become good friends.

A GIRL NAMED SOONER by Suzanne Clauser

A GIRL NAMED SOONER by Suzanne Clauser, (c) 1972/’75.  This is the story of little unloved, neglected child who is fostered by a rather screwed up married couple who just lost a child in miscarriage. Obviously they haven’t had time to adjust to their new situation, especially the woman who can’t have any more children now. The father is a small town Veterinarian. The child is a natural wild animal whisperer. Anyway, it was such a nice book it got made into a TV movie way back when!

SOMEWHERE ALONG THE WAY- A Harmony Novel by Jodi Thomas

SOMEWHERE ALONG THE WAY- A Harmony Novel by Jodi Thomas, (c) 2010. I love stories about misfits  and the unwanted  of society and how they try to fit into life in a small town. It’s not always easy to fit in but the homeless find there way there. Harmony is a small town in Texas. It starts out with a dream an elderly woman named Stella is having portending something bad will happen in Harmony. Something about a gas spreading all over the town. Next is the story of Reagan Truman, only Truman isn’t her real surname, she’s a homeless girl who is taken in by an elderly man named Jeremiah Truman. He tells the town she is his niece so they accept her. Somehow she just fit in and she’s working at the diner  where she talks to her friend Noah and meets a man named Gabriel Leary, who limps three miles into town to collect diner takeout. For some odd reason he’s using another man’s name and getting his mail and having packages delivered at a building in town. There’s also Edith who works in the diner as a waitress, and  Liz Mathewson a lawyer fresh out of law school, trying to make a name for herself. She meets Gabe who unsettles her life a little. Liz’s brother Hank is romancing the local sheriff Alex McAllen but she won’t settle down for a wedding. I may have left a few people out. Does this sound like a good book? Well I think it is!

THE GIFT of a CHARM by Melissa Hill

THE GIFT OF A CHARM by Melissa Hill, (c) 2015. I think someone from PANDORA had a hand in this book? It’s about a woman named Holly O’Neill who owns a charm bracelet she received the day after her adoptive father’s funeral. She assumed it was a post dated gift her father gave her after his death. From then on she anonymously received charms on special occasions. Here it is 18 years later and she is a single mother of a 7 year old boy trying to make a living while working in a upscale second hand store. One day before Christmas she finds a charm bracelet in an expensive designer coat and she’s determined to find the owner one way or another since it must have been a mistake. Who would give a coat away with a obviously important charm bracelet in it? Maybe the whole three boxes of clothing were sent to the store by mistake. Holly ends up searching the city far and wide looking for the owner. Along the way she must meet up with the other main character of the book; a young man who just quit his job as a stock broker, which he hates, to be a self employed photographer. So far I’m liking it. It will have a predictable ending, but that’s okay.

MEN AND DOGS by Katie Crouch

MEN AND DOGS by Katie Crouch, (c) 2010. This is the story about one screwed up woman. She’s about 35 years old, and she keeps messing up her life! She cheats on her husband several times. It seems this all started when she was 11 years old and her father went out on a boat and never came back and they never found his body, but presumed him dead. He’s been long “buried” and her mother remarries a wealthy man who helped raise Hannah and her gay older brother Palmer. It really is a good book. I love quirky characters after all. So lets see how she fixes her life after all she had to come back to her hometown to recover from a balcony fall. Now Hannah gets to visit with all the people who were there all those years ago when her father drowned. I did enjoy this book and you might also.

GOOD GRIEF by Lolly Winston

GOOD GRIEF by Lolly Winston, (c) 2004. This is the story of Sophie Stanton a 36 year old widow. She’s been self medicating her grief with whiskey and ice cream, showing up for work in her housecoat and having a breakdown in the supermarket. Sophie obviously needs help and joins a Grief support group. Soon she gets up the gumption to leave town and start her life over, then she meets a a 13 year old pyromaniac and a handsome actor. Gee I hope I like this book.. it sure does sound interesting.