PRAYERS FOR SALE by Sandra Dallas

PRAYERS FOR SALE by Sandra Dallas, (c) 2009. I admit I’m partial to historical novels, and even more to those set in the depression era as this one is. It’s the year 1936, two years after the birth of my own mother. Hennie Comfort is an 85 year old woman living in Middle Swan, Colorado in the Rocky Mountains. One day she meets a young bride, 17 year old Nit Spindle who introduces herself asking if she can buy a prayer after seeing her PRAYERS FOR SALE sign on her porch. Nit leaves a nickle for Hennie to pay for the prayer.  They become fast friends over time. They have quilting in common plus the loss of a child. So far I’m loving this book and I bet you will too!

THE GOOD DREAM by Donna VanLiere

THE GOOD DREAM by Donna VanLiere (c) 2012. It’s 1950 in a small mountain town in Tennessee.  Sarah Ivory Walker is a 30 year old spinster who’s mother just died leaving her alone in the world and she’s getting lonely so she allows herself to be courted by a lonely widower. Meanwhile a frightened, dirty-faced, little boy keeps stealing vegetables from her backyard garden. Ivory steps out of her comfort zone and is determined to find out where he lives in the hills surrounding the town. I feel bad for the small abused boy. Meanwhile the town is in an uproar over what Ivory is doing since they don’t want her to open up a can of worms, to let secrets stay secret. I’m REALLY enjoying this book! I feel bad for the poor, abused boy and can’t wait to see what happens even though I am rooting for a happy ending.

TWO ALONE by Sandra Brown

TWO ALONE by Sandra Brown, (1987). I know this book is an oldie but it’s a goodie! Rusty Carlson is a beautiful woman who was stranded in the Alaskan wilderness when the small charter plane she was on crashes. She thought she was the only one who made it out alive until she heard a moaning inside the plane. Now there is one more survivor;  a Vietnam veteran named Cooper Landry, and the story is all about the two trying to make it our of there alive, in spite of Rusty’s leg injury. Will they fall in love? So far. it’s a good book.

THE GINGER TREE by Oswald Wynd

THE GINGER TREE by Oswald Wynd, 1977. This is  twenty-year-old Mary MacKensie’s story, and it takes place in 1903 Scotland and later in Peking where the British in Peking are scandalized my Mary’s adulterous affair with a young Japanese nobleman. Later she is turned out of her European community in Peking and separated from her small biracial daughter. This is a story of a woman’s hardship in a land where woman are barely tolerated, and Westerners even less. This novel spans 40 years of Mary’s life including two wars and the 1923 Tokyo earthquake. This book was turned into a PBS Masterpiece Theater presentation, and I never watched it! Foreign NOTE: This book was written in a journal type format and that is my least favorite book format, I’m not enjoying it like I hoped I would. NOTE: Here’s a sample of the male author writing from a woman’s point of view, First page, first paragraph. Here’s the sample: “January 9th, 1903 I was sick yesterday on my birthday, after not having been sick crossing the Bay of Biscay and even in the storm off Malta. It seems silly to have been sick in a little sea like the Red Sea, but when I did get to the deck at sunset, to escape from Mrs. Carswell’s groaning, the Second Officer came up beside me at the rail and said that I had been unwell because of the ground swell from Somalia. He said that many people who can stand up to all sorts of bumping and knocking about in storms are unable to stand up to a heavy ground swell. He is quite a nice man, though he must be thirty at least. He has very big hands. Too big. I did not tell anyone it was my birthday yesterday, not even Mrs. Carswell. She was being sick, too, much worse than me.” NOTE: I suppose he’s a half decent writer, perhaps I should read the book after all. NOTE: Well I gave it a good try, but I just can’t seem to get into this book. I’ll get new ones from the library tomorrow.

NOTE: I didn’t finish this book! I just couldn’t get into it!