IN THE LAND OF SECOND CHANCES by George Shaeffner, (c) 2004. This trade paperback is a little off putting to me. As if I’m reading the script to a play. I guess it’s supposed to be full of “magic.”   This book is about the citizens of a small town in Ebb, Nebraska. Of course most books have quirky characters in them, have you noticed that? You need to make the story hold a reader’s interest. In this story a “Games of Chance” salesman named Vernon Moore drifts into town changing the lives of some of it’s inhabitants. He’s a miracle worker of some sort.


OUT OF THE RAIN by Debbie Macomber

OUT OF THE RAIN by Debbie Macomber, 1986/1993/2011. This is a double novel of two older books Debbie had published. The first story MARRIAGE WANTED is about a wedding planner named Savannah Charles  and her young client’s brother Nash Davenport, a man who is strongly opposed to marriage. Love is in the air…

LAUGHTER IN THE RAIN is about Abbey Carpenter who has a rather predictable life with her boyfriend Logan Fletcher, until the day she meets the exciting Tate Harding. Who will she marry in the end? Good old Logan or handsome Tate?