THE EDUCATION OF DIXIE DUPREE by Donna Everhart, (c) 2016. This was such a good book, but if you find descriptions of child abuse disturbing please don’t read it. This is a coming of age story and it was a good one. It takes place in the year 1971 in Alabama and New Hampshire. Dixie is a little liar, everyone knows she lies whenever she gets the chance. Her mom and dad don’t get along and when something tragic happens and Uncle Ray comes to stay for a while Dixie’s life is turned upside down in more ways than one. Folks don’t believe her when she finally tells the truth. There’s a few  twists and turns in this book and I had a hard time putting it down.

The Education of Dixie Dupree

A GIRL NAMED SOONER by Suzanne Clauser

A GIRL NAMED SOONER by Suzanne Clauser, (c) 1972/’75.  This is the story of little unloved, neglected child who is fostered by a rather screwed up married couple who just lost a child in miscarriage. Obviously they haven’t had time to adjust to their new situation, especially the woman who can’t have any more children now. The father is a small town Veterinarian. The child is a natural wild animal whisperer. Anyway, it was such a nice book it got made into a TV movie way back when!

MEN AND DOGS by Katie Crouch

MEN AND DOGS by Katie Crouch, (c) 2010. This is the story about one screwed up woman. She’s about 35 years old, and she keeps messing up her life! She cheats on her husband several times. It seems this all started when she was 11 years old and her father went out on a boat and never came back and they never found his body, but presumed him dead. He’s been long “buried” and her mother remarries a wealthy man who helped raise Hannah and her gay older brother Palmer. It really is a good book. I love quirky characters after all. So lets see how she fixes her life after all she had to come back to her hometown to recover from a balcony fall. Now Hannah gets to visit with all the people who were there all those years ago when her father drowned. I did enjoy this book and you might also.

SOMEDAY HOME by Lauraine Snelling

SOMEDAY HOME by Lauraine Snelling, (c) 2015. I am so enjoying this book! This one is about 3 middle aged women who share a house after big changes in their life. Lynn owns the home, she’s a recent widow, and her family owns a plumbing business. Angela is soon to be a divorcee, her husband wanted out of the marriage. He left her for someone younger and he ended up with the house, so Angela needed a place to call her own. Judith was the 47 year old daughter of a wealthy man and they lived in a large family mansion. When her demanding father died Judith found herself without a home, since it was given away to a historical home society. Feeling betrayed Judith jumped at the chance to start over again and go back to college. Now all three women are living in Lynn’s huge log cabin near a lake. Of course there are major adjustments to make for all three women.

GOOD GRIEF by Lolly Winston

GOOD GRIEF by Lolly Winston, (c) 2004. This is the story of Sophie Stanton a 36 year old widow. She’s been self medicating her grief with whiskey and ice cream, showing up for work in her housecoat and having a breakdown in the supermarket. Sophie obviously needs help and joins a Grief support group. Soon she gets up the gumption to leave town and start her life over, then she meets a a 13 year old pyromaniac and a handsome actor. Gee I hope I like this book.. it sure does sound interesting.