WHEN IN DOUBT, ADD BUTTER by Beth Harbison, (c)2012. As you may have guess food is involved in this book! Yes it’s a story about Gemma Craig a thirty-seven year old personal chef, who leads a very busy life cooking meals for 5 clients during the week and has a catering business on the weekends. Here I am on page 50 in the book and I just found out she got pregnant at the age of 17 and gave the baby up for adoption, and NO she doesn’t want to meet the child for some odd reason. At least not right this minute. Gemma recently got fired from her Friday cooking job because she backed up over the client’s peacock, but honestly she didn’t know it was gripping her car’s bumper in a love lock. Meanwhile her Tuesday client sounds like a very likable man, although we have not really met him yet. Well this book is a “coming of age” story for the adult woman. Gemma still has a lot to learn, (don’t we all) about her past and her future.

NOTE: I’m sorry to say that no recipes are included.