ROREY’S SECRET by Leisha Kelly

ROREY’S SECRET by Leisha Kelly, (c) 2005. This was a nice little historical family drama that takes place in 1938 on some Illinois farms. It’s about Christian families so if you don’t want any bible talk don’t read it., but I enjoyed the book, the plot was good and the writing style was very enjoyable.  The secret all started with Rorey and a boy she was meeting, and later about a fire.


SUCH A PRETTY FACE by Cathy Lamb, (c) 2010. This nice trade paperback was so enjoyable to read.  Stevie is a formerly obese woman, who had a heart attack at age 32 and then chose surgery to save her life. So then she pared down 170 pounds and weighed a nice 150 pounds at 5′ 7″ tall and she was beautiful just like her mother who was a former Broadway star before her insanity showed up in her early 20’s. Stevie ate to deal with her grief and pain after her Schizophrenic mother committed suicide and tried to kill Stevie and her little sister Sunshine by drowning in the nearby river. Afterwards with her mother and sister gone, a traumatized Stevie is still be raised by her mother’s parents whom they lived with during her mother’s illness. After their deaths Stevie ate to deal with the pain and loneliness and plumped up to a major 325 pounds. Shortly after her grandfather and then her grandmother died and Stevie was sent to live with her mother’s sister Janet and her family, which wasn’t the best thing for Stevie since her uncle was such a cruel person, making everyone’s life miserable who lived in his house including his two children Lance and Polly. Everyone in that family including Stevie had emotional issues and trauma to deal with. It was an interesting book although I get a little bored with the flashbacks.


WHAT I REMEMBER MOST by Cathy Lamb, (c) 2014. This is such a GOOD BOOK! Please read it! This is the story of Grenadine Scotch Wild. She barely remembers her Hippie like parents whose last words to her were to run! So she did. She was 6 years old at the time. Shortly after she was picked up by the police running along the side of the road.  Now Grenadine is grown up and has been married to Covey, a well known investor who’s arrested for embezzlement and fraud. Now Grenadine who is a successful collage artist is facing jail time even though she is innocent. Covey refuses to exonerate her unless she comes back to him but she refuses to return to a wife abuser. She’s tired of getting beat up, so she has taken off trying to reinvent herself. She hiding out in a small town in Oregon until Covey’s trial trying to live a normal life, using her real name this time. Usually she uses an alias name. Perhaps she’ll eventually find out what happened to her missing parents after all this time.

This is such a GOOD BOOK! I guess I relate to her because I am an artist too! This is one tough woman!

NOTE: I’m really enjoying her writing style which reminds me of Lorna Landvik’s.


THE GUEST COTTAGE by Nancy Thayer, (c) 2015. I really like this book but it’s an awful lot like a TV movie I saw, about two single parent’s with children who share a house at the beach due to a rental mix up. Of course the parents fell in love…Need I say more? Sorry but you know it’s going to have a happy ending.


BLOSSOM STREET BRIDES by Debbie Macomber, (c) 2014. I’m really enjoying this book. Macomber’s characters are always interesting and I haven’t read one of her books in quite a while. This one involves Lauren Elliot, a thirty-something woman in love with a handsome new anchor. He keeps putting off getting married and I guess it was just too much for Lauren to take. Now she’s gone and met the perfect man and broken off her relationship with her boyfriend Todd.

Newly married Bethanne Scranton has a long distance marriage and her ex-husband Grant keeps trying to sabotage it. But Beth and Max truly love each other so I have no doubt the marriage with last. Meanwhile Bethanne’s going to become a grandmother and has a baby blanket to knit as she meets up weekly with her friend’s in Lydia’s yarn shop called A GOOD YARN.

As for Lydia, she has a happy marriage but her adopted 15 year old daughter is having nightmares, and she doesn’t know what to do about it quite yet.

NOTE: Of course I am enjoying this book!

DAYBREAK by Shelly Shepard Gray

DAYBREAK by Shelly Shepard Gray, (c) 2013. This author seems to write AMISH themed books. I read one of her others and liked it, so I gave this one a try. This is a dysfunctional Amish family drama. It involves new and old order Amish and involves the mother of the main character being “Englisher” and keeping it a secret from the children. It also shows me different ways the modern Amish live and think. The main character Viola Keim is 22 years old and working in a retirement assisted living facility. She falls in love with a resident’s son. Need I say more? I probably said to much already.


FRIENDSHIP BREAD by Darien Gee, 2001/2010. This is a novel about the friendships of several women in the small town of Avalon. First there’s Leon, an elderly widower. I’m not quite sure he has to do with the other characters in the book. There’s Julia a depressed mother who’s only son died of some allergic reaction 6 years earlier, she’s living in a fog of sadness and neglecting her family it seems. Then there’s her sister Livvy who hasn’t talked to Julia since Julia’s son died. We also met Julia’s husband Mark and her daughter in an earlier scene. Why aren’t Julia and Livvy speaking to each other? I have yet to find out. Then there’s also Hannah Wang an American Asian wife and concert cellist, who’s perfectionist, violinist husband Phillipe de Brisnay is divorcing her. And last but not least 70 year old Madeline who owns the runs a Tea Salon, where two of the other characters have just walked into and seem to be settling into a fragrant Portobello mushroom and spinach quiche with a wonderful sounding salad on the side.

Have you ever made Friendship Bread and passed out the 4 bags of starter for your friends? Well there’s a recipe for the starter and bread in the back of the book if you care to start up another friendly bake off. I’m happy to see recipe variations for the starter which I would seriously enjoy better than the original I made a few decades ago. There’s also recipes for Brownies, Pancakes and Biscuits using the starter. I admit I already have a wonderful recipe for Yeast Pancakes which I make since I usually have no pancake mix in the house, so I imagine that recipe is one I’d like to try.

NOTE: So far I’m enjoying the book.

I actually went to a local short lived tea room once. I enjoyed the chicken salad sandwich on a nutty 12 grain type bread, and the cole slaw served in a 6 OZ tea cup. None of the fancy China dishes matched, and the mismatched chairs were so cute! I loved the place! I was so inspired I created the owners a Folk Art sign. It had the name of the tea room and had a tea pot and tea cups around the lettering. It was fun to make. Wish I had a photo to show you!