PROMISEGIVERS by Dorothy Garlock

PROMISEGIVERS by Dorothy Garlock, (c) 2008. This double novel is merely a reprint of two of Dorothy Garlock’s earlier out of print books. The first is THE PLANTING SEASON (c) 1984, the second is AMBER-EYED MAN (c) 1982. So far I am enjoying the book. The first is about a struggling lady farmer who must now share half her farm with the grandson of the woman to whom her father sold it. It seems Iris is having a hard time accepting his mobile Home being moved in next door, and she can’t help but scoffing at a navy man who knows nothing about farming. It seems she’s very bristly towards him, but he is trying to get along after all. Will they fall in love after all?  Then a disaster strikes the farm. I can’t wait to see what happens!


THE FIRST MAN YOU MEET by Debbie Macomber and JACOB’S GIRLS by Tara Taylor Quinn

THE FIRST MAN YOU MEET by Debbie Macomber , (c) 1992and JACOB’S GIRLS by Tara Taylor Quinn (c) 1991. A double Harliquin Romance.

The first novel is about a wedding dress that seems to have magical powers when two meet and fall in love. (A typical Debbie Macomber romance).

JACOB’S GIRLS is about 7 year old triplet daughters of a radio DJ and how he and his co-host fall in love. Another happy ending story.



LOVESEEKERS: SING SOFTLY TO ME (1986) and GENTLE TORMENT (1980) (both reprinted 2007) by Dorothy Garlock.

SING SOFTLY TO ME involves a young 22 year old nurse named Beth Marshall. When she was 19 she fell in love Tom Clary the brother and best man of her sister’s husband, whom she met at her sister’s wedding. Tom has come to bring Beth from Minnesota to her sister’s home in Wyoming where her sister needs a nurse. Meanwhile they travel on trecheous roads, and Beth still feels very attracted to Tom after all this time.

GENTLE TORMENT takes place on the Alaska frontier where Lindsy Williamson fled to forget about her soulmate and ex-husband who wrecked her trust in men. Except Jake suddenly shows up to win her back. This story also promises to be full off passion, and I’m sure to enjoy it.

Note: THis was not a GREAT book! I was disappointed by the second story. The first was full of seduction, which is fine I guess, but the second was too typical of my high school reading days.