THE PHANTOM LIMBS OF THE ROLLOW SISTERS by Timothy Schaffert. What is it about MEN writers I don’t like? Maybe I don’t believe they know how we feel as women? This is the story of two nearly orphaned sisters, trying to overcome childhood wounds. Their mother ran away from her husband and two young daughters. Then her husband kills himself years later. Then the sisters were raised by their eccentric grandmother who steals items form churches to sell in her antique store.

NOTE: I’ll tell you right now that I skipped over the last half of this story until I got to the end, but that doesn’t mean YOU won’t like it!


THE DEATH OF BEES by Lisa O’Donnell

THE DEATH OF BEES by Lisa O’Donnell, 2012. Okay I admit the title grabbed me first, it reminded me of the other bee book that became so popular; THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES. This story takes place in Glasgow. Scotland and the setting intrigued me, but this is a whole other can of worms. Lots of “Fuck this and fuck that” in this book! Every other sentence has ‘fuck’ injected into it. Now I’m not a prude really, very open minded, but if that’s the way secretly orphaned children talk in their part of town fine, I can TRY to read it, but when it described how the kids secretly buried their parents so they wouldn’t be taken away from each other in foster care system, I was turned off. The father died in bed, still not sure how. Mom hangs herself in a shed out back. How can no one not see them bury there putrid bodies in the garden out back is beyond me. So the kids bury their parents and keep it a secret living with a neighbor eventually.

NOTE: I’m sorry but I don’t recommend this book. Described as a “GRIMLY COMIC TALE of three lost souls, unable to answer for themselves, can answer only for one another.”

THE NOVELIST by Angela Hunt

THE NOVELIST by Angela Hunt, 2006. I really tried to get into this book but I can’t seem to enjoy it! It’s about a novelist who’s teaching a writing class in a junior college., and she gets challenged to write a novel about a personal situation as she teaches the students how to do the same. I’m sorry but I am NOT enjoying her novel in the novel which is more or less the story of her alcoholic son’s life!


STRANGERS IN PARADISE by Heather Graham, 2012. I don’t usually read these romance/suspense novels. This one starts out with a prolong in 1863 Florida of all places with a Civil War soldier named Pierre with a pregnant wife Eugenia and something about riches that glitter behind a brick wall… Then it reverts to modern day in the first chapter. Alexi Jordan inherits the mansion which is supposedly haunted. Her new neighbor Rex Morrow has appointed himself as her protector. I just wonder what he’s protecting her from?

NOTE: So.. it’s a typical romance suspense book.. Man and woman strongly attracted to reach other.. Woman was abused in previous relationship and fearful for her own safety and is alone in the old cobwebby, creaky mansion.. She hears footsteps on the stairs then screams.. man runs to save her.. then more creepy crawly and slithery things are let loose by the mean old person who wants her outta the house.. after all it’s full of hidden gold… or so the story goes.. LOL

Well I can predict the outcome of the book, but I’ll read it anyway..

NOTE: I COULDN’T STAND THIS BOOK, TOO PREDICTABLE.. I’m returning it to the library tomorrow.

COME WALK WITH ME by Joan Medlicott

COME WALK WITH ME by Joan Medlicott, 2007. This book is about a middle aged widow with grown children who has a beautiful house in the Hampton’s and a thriving antique business, but her life is direction-less without her husband around. Claire Bennett is estranged from her adult daughter and son. Still in mourning years later Claire moves to a condo in Florida, then impulsively leaves to visit her daughter in Boca Raton, North Carolina. From there she travels to the a tiny farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains where she lives among kind strangers. AS time passes Claire manages to work through her problems as she reaches out to her estranged son.

NOTE: I admit this book might not attract the younger adult reader, but women 40 years or older might be able to connect to the characters in this book. I’ll have to let you know how I like it. I enjoyed the large type too! LOL

NOTE: I’m not enjoying this book after all. I’ve started reading a different one.

THE GINGER TREE by Oswald Wynd

THE GINGER TREE by Oswald Wynd, 1977. This is  twenty-year-old Mary MacKensie’s story, and it takes place in 1903 Scotland and later in Peking where the British in Peking are scandalized my Mary’s adulterous affair with a young Japanese nobleman. Later she is turned out of her European community in Peking and separated from her small biracial daughter. This is a story of a woman’s hardship in a land where woman are barely tolerated, and Westerners even less. This novel spans 40 years of Mary’s life including two wars and the 1923 Tokyo earthquake. This book was turned into a PBS Masterpiece Theater presentation, and I never watched it! Foreign NOTE: This book was written in a journal type format and that is my least favorite book format, I’m not enjoying it like I hoped I would. NOTE: Here’s a sample of the male author writing from a woman’s point of view, First page, first paragraph. Here’s the sample: “January 9th, 1903 I was sick yesterday on my birthday, after not having been sick crossing the Bay of Biscay and even in the storm off Malta. It seems silly to have been sick in a little sea like the Red Sea, but when I did get to the deck at sunset, to escape from Mrs. Carswell’s groaning, the Second Officer came up beside me at the rail and said that I had been unwell because of the ground swell from Somalia. He said that many people who can stand up to all sorts of bumping and knocking about in storms are unable to stand up to a heavy ground swell. He is quite a nice man, though he must be thirty at least. He has very big hands. Too big. I did not tell anyone it was my birthday yesterday, not even Mrs. Carswell. She was being sick, too, much worse than me.” NOTE: I suppose he’s a half decent writer, perhaps I should read the book after all. NOTE: Well I gave it a good try, but I just can’t seem to get into this book. I’ll get new ones from the library tomorrow.

NOTE: I didn’t finish this book! I just couldn’t get into it!


SEARCHING FOR PARADISE IN PARKER, PA by Kris Radish, 2008. I admit the title of the book caught my eye since I live in PA myself. (Yes, it’s true, people who live in Pennsylvania tend to call the state “P-A.”  This is a quirky book about a 28 year old marriage that is falling apart and how the couple adjusts to it as the husband Lucky ends up with a fractured back on the morning of their departure for Costa Rica where Addy hoped they could turn their marriage around. I’ll let you know how it turns out later.