SHADES OF GRACE by Barbara Delinsky

SHADES OF GRACE by Barbara Delinsky, (c) 1996-2005. Grace Dorian is a eloquent and classy advice columnist. The Confidante is America’s favorite advice column, and Grace made it so. The column is her whole life, plus that of her daughter Francine and granddaughter Sophie who work for her. Grace’s once sharp mind is beginning to dull, her witty remarks and sharp thinking are slowly fading away. Meanwhile Francine won’t accept her mother’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, as she’s reluctantly becoming attracted to her mother’s doctor who diagnosed Grace’s illness. It’s interesting to read considering I turn 59 this year and have my own occasional forgetfulness. It’s a well written book. I have read only a few of Delinsky’s books and am so happy to see she wrote many more.


ALL TOGETHER IN ONE PLACE by Jane Kirkpatrick, (c) 2000. Here’s a story about Mazy and Jeremy Bacon who are traveling on the Oregon Trail from with Mazy’s mother Elizabeth Mueller and a 15 year old girl named Tipton who is hired on to help Mazy who just broke her arm before leaving on this trip. Tipton is also engaged to a young man named Tyrell who is the blacksmith for the trip. They not not allowed to marry her until Tipton turns 17, as he promised her mother and father. Meanwhile Tyrell seems to admire a rather spunky mature woman who’s driving her own wagon. This book is based on a true story by the way. I look forward to reading the rest of the book.

WHAT SHE LEFT BEHIND by Ellen Marie Wiseman

WHAT SHE LEFT BEHIND by Ellen Marie Wiseman, (c) 2014. This trade paperback cost $15.00 by the way. I bought it for a buck at a thrift store. I am truly enjoying this book about a 17 year old foster child named Isabelle Stone. Izzy ‘s mother is in prison after shooting her father to death, not something she wants made public. Izzy is a senior at a new school and living with a new family. It’s hard trying to be accepted at a new school, and Izzy is of course having trouble with a certain girl named Shannon and her friends, who end up playing cruel jokes on Izzy. Turns out Shannon is just as damaged as Izzy with her own problems. Go on read this book, it would make a good movie.

GROWING UP by Russell Baker

GROWING UP by Russell Baker, (c) 1982/1984. This well written memoir reads like a good novel. I don’t know why I put off reading it for so long other than the fact memoirs bore me. This one does not bore me a bit!  Russell Baker was a child growing up during the depression and he and his mother and sisters lived with assorted relatives after his father died at the early age of 33 of diabetes, a little known disease back then. Russell’s baby sister Audrey is fostered by his mother’s brother and his wife while his mother, Russell and his sister Doris all go to live with one uncle or another over the years. His mother almost got remarried but that didn’t work out, so she got a job even though they were so hard to find at that time. I don’t want to give away too much of the story. Have a good read.

SAVING GRANDMA by Frank Schaeffer

SAVING GRANDMA by Frank Schaeffer, (c) 1997. This book is described as “poignant and hilarious”  by The Los Angeles Times. This is the story of Calvin Dort Becker. The son of bible believing missionaries, who in the year 1967 are trying to spread the Word to “spastic children” in Switzerland.  Calvin is a very horney teenager living with a bunch of crazy Cgristains, Then his foul mouthed and rather nasty grandma moves in after breaking her hip and she disrupts the whole family. Meanwhile horny Calvin spends his time masturbating with one of the equally horny teens who has cerebral palsy, named Jean-Pierre. Calvin has fallen madly in love with Jennifer and they don’t seem to almost make love but never go all the way until the near the end. Then someone thinks they see Calvin and Jean-Pierre doing the dirty deed with each other when that wasn’t the case at all, but I don’t want to explain. Have fun reading about this crazy religious family.

A SOFT PLACE TO LAND by Susan Rebecca White

A SOFT PLACE TO LAND by Susan Rebecca White, (c) 2010. This is a coming of age story of two teen-aged half-sisters who become orphans when their mother and Ruthie’s father die in a plane crash. Then the girls get separated to be raised by relatives. Ruthie ends up with her father’s sister Mimi  and her husband Robert and Julia ends up with her father and step mother Peggy. Along the way family secrets are revealed. The sisters argue and don’t talk to each other.. Life goes on you know?

WHO DO YOU LOVE by Jennifer Weiner

WHO DO YOU LOVE by Jennifer Weiner, (c) 2015. in 1985  Rachel Blum is an eight year old girl in a Florida hospital recovering from a heart operation when she meets eight year old Andy Landis. Andy was n the emergency room with a broken arm, waiting for the cops to find his mother so they could treat his arm. This story starts out in 2014, goes back in time to 1985 when Rachel and Andy first met, then it chronicles their lives and relationship as time passes by up until 2015. It was a very good book!  I love Jennifer Weiner’s stories.