THE BLUE MOON CIRCUS by Michael Raleigh (Highly Reccomended)

THE BLUE MOON CIRCUS by Michael Raleigh. Publisher’s Weekly says this book is “Rollicking, warmhearted…as dramatic and engaging as a high wire act.” Now doesn’t that sound inviting? There is no blurb on this book cover and none on the first page, so I have to read the quotes on the back. Here’s the first and last reviews:

“With no safety net, Raleigh takes a spectacular high-wire route…in this captivating tale of a decent man in a very hard world.” – Kirkus Reviews

“With this ragtag band of over-the-hill performers, Michael Raleigh creates a zany little circus with a heart.” – Sandra Dallas, author of THE PERSIAN PICKLE CLUB and THE CHILI QUEEN.

Now for my early review:

It’s a rough and soggy road for the BLUE MOON CIRCUS which has just been through a flood. Many of the performing animals have drowned and things don’t look good for the owner, Lewis Tully in Wyoming in 1919. I love a good story that takes place in the past, which seems much simpler than the complicated present. I am enjoying Raleigh’s writing style and trust that it is a good book with those favorable reviews.

NOTE: I’m really enjoying this book! The cast of characters is so interesting. The integration of an orphaned boy makes it more interesting and it would truly make a great movie!