THE GIFT of a CHARM by Melissa Hill

THE GIFT OF A CHARM by Melissa Hill, (c) 2015. I think someone from PANDORA had a hand in this book? It’s about a woman named Holly O’Neill who owns a charm bracelet she received the day after her adoptive father’s funeral. She assumed it was a post dated gift her father gave her after his death. From then on she anonymously received charms on special occasions. Here it is 18 years later and she is a single mother of a 7 year old boy trying to make a living while working in a upscale second hand store. One day before Christmas she finds a charm bracelet in an expensive designer coat and she’s determined to find the owner one way or another since it must have been a mistake. Who would give a coat away with a obviously important charm bracelet in it? Maybe the whole three boxes of clothing were sent to the store by mistake. Holly ends up searching the city far and wide looking for the owner. Along the way she must meet up with the other main character of the book; a young man who just quit his job as a stock broker, which he hates, to be a self employed photographer. So far I’m liking it. It will have a predictable ending, but that’s okay.



THE CHRISTMAS HOPE by Donna VanLiere. Remember those Christmas movies we see on TV every year? Well this is the book that it was made from. Actually the movie follows the book quite closely, but I never did see the ending so I’ll continue to read it , as I recover from my Acute Bronchitis. (Cough.. cough.. Honk on my nose!) LOL