AN ABUNDANCE OF BLESSINGS, A Home to Heather Creek series book by Carolyne Aarsen. This is another Guideposts novel. Of course it’s a family drama. The book was largely about the 2 granddaughters Charlotte had with her for 2 weeks while their parents- Bill her son and Anna her daughter-in-law went on a vacation. Meanwhile Charlotte is raising her other three older grandchildren with her husband Bob since their daughter died and their father doesn’t want anything to do with them. As you can guess it was a hectic 2 weeks for Charlotte. But I don’t want to give any more of the story away. If you don’t mind God fearing characters you’ll be okay with this one.


NOWHERE TO BE FOUND, The Secrets of Blue Hill Library Series by Emily Thomas (c) 2013. Emily Thomas is merely a pen name for a group of people writing for Guidepost. It was really written by Kristin Eckhardt. I don’t see the point of this pen name idea. Why not say the real author’s name or names? Why even reveal it in the back of the book? This is a Guideposts published book, so you know it’s centered around the Methodist religion. If you are offended by the word God and any bible passages please pass it over. This was a nice friendly story about a woman named Anne Gibson who inherits her Aunt Edie Summer’s old Victorian home. She was instructed to renovate the house into a library for the small town of Blue Hill in Pennsylvania. Half the home is being converted into living quarters for Anne and her 9 year old son Ben  and 5 year old daughter Liddy. As the roof caves in a secret room is discovered where Aunt Edie apparently did some writing. There in the room Anne finds a wedding photo of Aunt Edie and a mystery man. Considering no one knew Aunt Edie had married it came as a shock and Anne spends the whole book trying to find the man Aunt Edie was married to and get the story out of him. Well I’m not going to give the ending away, you know how I hate doing that? LOL

NOTE: I really enjoyed this laid back book. There could have been a romance between Anne and her home renovator… but…  There’s a sequel to this book, sounds like another mini mystery.


SNOW MELTS IN SPRING by Deborah Vogts, (2009). I’m almost done reading this book, and I figured I better get it listed in the blog! In this story Mattie Evans grew up the Flint Hills of Kansas. She love living on the grassy plains where she grew up. Her parents lost their ranch but Mattie returned to her hometown to run her veterinary practice. Meanwhile her love interest is Gi; McCray a soon t be retire football Quarter Back. It’s a Christian based story so if you don’t like the protestant religion overtones you might as well not read it. It wasn’t saturated with scripture quotes so I enjoyed the book well enough. I would try another of Deborah Vogts books.

Love Finds You in MAIDEN, NORTH CAROLINA by Tamela Hancock Murray

Love Finds You in MAIDEN, NORTH CAROLINA by Tamela Hancock Murray, 2009. OKay so I keep picking out books with scripture quotes in them! What can I say? The story itself sounds heartwarming. This one takes place in the 1920;s the flapper era. Hestia Myatt dreams of becoming a doctor. Stinging from a broken engagement, she heads for the quiet hills of Maiden, South Carolina to take care of an ailing aunt. Once there she meets up with her old childhood friend Booth Barrington. Will they fall in love? Most assuredly I say!

Rainbow’s End by Irene Hannon

Rainbow’s End by Irene Hannon, 2007. This LOVE INSPIRED romance is of course a Christian based novel, published by Steeple Hill Books. It’s a very nice story about a badly disfigured widow who has secluded herself on a tiny island off the coast of Washington State. 2 years after her accident she allows a scruffy yet thoughtful stranger stay in the small guest cabin on her property. As predicted the two are falling in love. Need I say more? I don’t mind a Christian published book as long as they don’t preach to me, so this one is fine so far. I hope the other Love Inspired romance I have will be equally as good.

PEARL by Lauraine Snelling

PEARL by Lauraine Snelling, 2004.  This book is a sequel in the DAKOTA TREASURES series. I read RUBY many months ago, and found this book at a flea market but put off reading it due to the Bible quotes, and scriptural references. BUT.. the story is interesting so I’m reading it.

This story starts out in March, 1883 Chicago. Pearl is a woman, a school teacher who is running away from a marriage her well to do father is pushing her into to a widower with 5 children. She runs away to Little Missouri aka “Little Misery” to teach at a newly formed school. I’m nearly half way done with the book and the woman is still in Chicago.

AT THE SCENT OF WATER by Linda Nichols

AT THE SCENT OF WATER by Linda Nichols, 2004. Here’s my version of the book blurb:

This is the story of Samuel Truelove, a gifted heart surgeon, who married Annie the love of his life, and they had a beautiful daughter. One day Samuel was asked to perform emergency surgery that sent a deadly cascade of events in motion and their picture perfect life started to unravel.

Broken hearted Annie Truelove leaves her beloved home in the mountains of North Carolina, hoping to escape her grief. She moves to far away Seattle to start over. Not that she’s any happier with her memories which of course still haunt her everyday. Then she is offered a job with The Los Angels Times, where she hopes a better life awaits her, but a disturbing headline interrupts her plans and takes her back home to her husband, where the past coming flooding back to her.

Here’s the teaser:
“He remembered the foolish hope that had carried him through the first year. She had been traumatized, he told himself. She just needed time to recover from the events that had torn both of their hearts to pieces.”

I’ll have to let you know what I think later!

NOTE: Here I am on page 94 and I can’t seem to get into the book, there’s to many religious overtones..and Biblical quotes. If you are a true Christian and go to church every week, or even one who doesn’t, you may love this book.