NOWHERE TO BE FOUND, The Secrets of Blue Hill Library Series by Emily Thomas (c) 2013. Emily Thomas is merely a pen name for a group of people writing for Guidepost. It was really written by Kristin Eckhardt. I don’t see the point of this pen name idea. Why not say the real author’s name or names? Why even reveal it in the back of the book? This is a Guideposts published book, so you know it’s centered around the Methodist religion. If you are offended by the word God and any bible passages please pass it over. This was a nice friendly story about a woman named Anne Gibson who inherits her Aunt Edie Summer’s old Victorian home. She was instructed to renovate the house into a library for the small town of Blue Hill in Pennsylvania. Half the home is being converted into living quarters for Anne and her 9 year old son Ben  and 5 year old daughter Liddy. As the roof caves in a secret room is discovered where Aunt Edie apparently did some writing. There in the room Anne finds a wedding photo of Aunt Edie and a mystery man. Considering no one knew Aunt Edie had married it came as a shock and Anne spends the whole book trying to find the man Aunt Edie was married to and get the story out of him. Well I’m not going to give the ending away, you know how I hate doing that? LOL

NOTE: I really enjoyed this laid back book. There could have been a romance between Anne and her home renovator… but…  There’s a sequel to this book, sounds like another mini mystery.