BULLCRAP! The Novel is NOT Dead!

Writers can be a hugely insightful bunch. A good novelist can tell you what’s going on inside the head of another human being at fifty yards. But when it comes to seeing the blindspots in our own self-awareness, novelists suck. Today, The Bookseller published a little summary of a radio interview with Robert Harris, who […]

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TELL ME WHY YOU WON’T LET US COMMENT? I can’t stand it when you bloggers think your opinion is the only one that counts. 

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Library Book Sale

My cousin and I went to a library book sale this morning. I bought 19 trade paperback novels for $19.00 and one hardcover on meditation for $2.00! I LOVE trade paperbacks because the stay open on my “Book Chair” when I’m reading while I eat. Yes, I know it’s not sociable to do that but my husband would rather eat in front of the TV and I want a table under my elbows.

On Reading Fiction

I have a habit of buying used books at book sales, flea markets and yard sales and then giving them to the local libraries to sell in a book sale. My favorite ones are Trade paperback novels.  Why? Because trade paperbacks stay open better on my red book chair. I couldn’t be bothered with the discussion part at the end of the book. What other people THINK the book means, including the writer- isn’t important. What I think about is!

Now when I think about the fact that this whole story is imaginary, and it never took place it seem like I’m wasting my time. Why aren’t I reading a non-fiction book, one that will teach me the truth? I do read non-fiction also, but even some of that is probably made up as the writer goes along such as in a biography. Artistic license is everywhere. They make up so much CRAP in the online news! Who knows what to believe!

I’m a Little Behind…

I have not posted any of the book I have read in the past month! I may just post a list of them here and not even discuss their content.

THE PLANTING SEASON- Dorothy Garlock, (I read it once before).

LOVE AND CHERISH- Dorothy Garlock, (Colonial times).









Don’t Just Consider What the Author Thinks —

The moment I laid eyes on this meme, this entire post flooded my foggy head. I’ve been dealing with allergies for about five days now and have barely been able to hear from the pressure in my head so being able to focus my thoughts properly has been nothing short of impossible. I’d like to […]

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I Write in Books! Shame on Me!

I am in the habit of buying used book from flea Markets, yard sales and library book sales. My favorite are Trade paperbacks where I pick up good reads by authors I’ve never heard of. After I’m done reading them I sign my initials and write the word  “LB Good!” . I’ve done this for at least 13 years.

Our small town (900 citizens) has a volunteer run library and my deceased uncle’s wife has seemingly taken over the job since my wonderful mother died 17 months ago. (This is the aunt who wouldn’t talk to me for 30 years for some imagined wrong my mom and I did her, a woman who hold grudges even after an an apology). I work as a Janitor of sorts at the old historic building the library is housed in and  and while I’m cleaning I stop into the library and drop off a pile of used books I’m donating and often check out regular library books. As I said the real good donated paperback have my initials and the word Good! on the first page. About 2 months ago my aunt wrote me a note asking me to stop writing in my books, but I rather enjoy doing it and I wrote a nice note back saying I was sorry she didn’t approve but I enjoy signing my books and would continue to do so. This must have upset her because a few weeks later I came in with my cousin for some book sale books and she just HAD to mention about me writing in the books yet again! My cousin said she LIKED to see my name in a book knowing it was a good read! I thought that was the end of it.

Then last Thursday I dropped off some books in the schools’ break room that was full of library and “Clothes Closet” volunteers, must have been 8 ladies in there. And yet again my aunt mentions my writing in the books I donate, to make me look bad I suppose. I got kind of pissed off this time and I said “I will if I want to!” And I swear I shocked the whole room full of ladies. My aunt asked me to take the books I brought into the next room but I was so upset I just stood in the doorway and mentioned how “There are several donated library books which are written in and sitting on the shelves right now!” Then I said “Some people are just a little too fussy!” meaning her! And she says she’ll just put my books on the book sale shelf instead of entering them in the library as a borrowing book so I just frowned and left in a huff! Later on I asked a few of the volunteers what they thought. One said she didn’t like my writing in the books, she wanted to find out for herself it was good or not. And I said “So YOU’RE the one she’s yelling at me for!” (She happens to be my aunt’s new best friend it seems. Yes auntie will fight to the end now. But I’m not giving in, I’ll continue to do as I please with MY old books!

The Same Old, Same Old Books

Do you get tired of reading the same old book themes? I do, you get locked into one prolific author and they are too predictable, too boring. I LOVE the old Nora Loft books, I have even read them over again in the past. I just love her historical details, that made me feel I was viewing real ancient English life from hundreds of years ago. I have yet to find as interesting a writer in this day and age. The lives of her characters were not easy but authentic I always felt. Plus I have English ancestors from the Gardner family who were colonists in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Pennsylvania so I feel a connection to their past. Besides I believe I lived in England in a past life.

As I got older I was attracted to quirky characters, and I admit they are much easier to find when so many more authors are writing books then ever before. They need quirky characters to hold our attention and interest! I admit I gravitate to historical novels since I’m an avid genealogist, but I also love a good down home book that makes me feel good. On occasion I’ll read a book with a dark plot or unhappy ending but they do make you feel Dark and or depressed sometimes.

NOTE: I don’t know how predictable my Book Reader Blog is for you folks, maybe I bore you too!?