THE CAPTIVE HEART by Dale Cramer, (c) 2012. This story inspired by actual events in the author’s own family is a rather enjoyable book about an Amish family who moves from Ohio to Mexico where they put up with a lot of flack from Mexican bandits. I usually don’t read these Amish series of books because it’s depressing how they have rules to put an end to any creativity if you are an artist as I read in one story. I said “The heck with that!” It’s too depressing how the young artists was told not to paint.. very sas set of rules there.


A COWBOY AT HEART by Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith

A COWBOY AT HEART, The Amish of Apple Grove series by Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith, (C) 2013. I know, I said I hate the Amish stories because they always seemed to deny themselves to permission to be their true selves. One book had an Amish artist and she had to GIVE UP painting because it went against the “ordnung” or Amish rules of order. Well besides all that I have been reading some of these newer books about the Amish anyway just for a change of pace. This one involves an English cowboy and an Amish widow. Usually when this type of thing happens the one must convert to Amish or the Amish leaves the order to become English. I’m not going to tell you what happens.

DAYBREAK by Shelly Shepard Gray

DAYBREAK by Shelly Shepard Gray, (c) 2013. This author seems to write AMISH themed books. I read one of her others and liked it, so I gave this one a try. This is a dysfunctional Amish family drama. It involves new and old order Amish and involves the mother of the main character being “Englisher” and keeping it a secret from the children. It also shows me different ways the modern Amish live and think. The main character Viola Keim is 22 years old and working in a retirement assisted living facility. She falls in love with a resident’s son. Need I say more? I probably said to much already.

A SIMPLE CHARITY by Rosalind Lauer

A SIMPLE CHARITY by Rosalind Lauer, 2014. This Amish story happens to be the last of a series of three. This is the story of an Amish midwife named Fanny Lapp, a twice widowed mother of 6 children. Although Fanny had no children by her first husband who dies in a farming accident, her second husband Thomas Lapp was a widower with three children of his own, and they went on the have three children of their own. Their last child was born after Thomas Lapp died, and when the story begins the baby is a mere five months old.  So here Fanny is twice widowed already and not even thirty years old.

As I may have mentioned before I don’t typically enjoy reading these Amish stories because I frankly can’t stand reading about people who shun someone who makes a mistake or is not accepted by the rest of the community because they marry an “Englisher” or just don’t follow the rules. It’s been quite a while so I think I’m ready to read about an Amish midwife and her association with a “English” midwife as they begin working on opening a birthing center for this Lancaster Amish community

NOTE: So far I’m enjoying the book..