WELCOME TO LAST CHANCE by Cathleen Armstrong

WELCOME TO LAST CHANCE by Cathleen Armstrong, (c) 2013. This is a totally sex free family drama and Christian romance novel. So do not read this if you don’t go foe talk of Church, choirs, and praying. It abut a woman named Lainie Davis who is running away from a boyfriend who sells drugs. Lainie was kicked out of the house at age 14 and has been on her own ever since and now she wants a good stable life and someone safe she can love and have a life with. She ends up in Last Chance when her car breaks down and immediately gets adopted by the people in town. Go ahead and read it anyway, you might like it.

MONTANA DAWN by Caroline Fyffe

MONTANA DAWN by Caroline Fyffe, (c) 2010. This cowboy romance travels down a bumpy road as do all romances as you may have noticed the formula by now. Heavily pregnant Faith Brown is a young widow in the throes of labor during a thunder storm when Luke McCutcheon finds her in her wagon. Her horses are gone and her stepson Colton fearing Luke will hurt them bangs him on the head with a cast iron skillet. Luke ends up delivering the baby who he named Dawn. Now the couple are not in love yet. Luke needs to find out what or who she’s running from and of course that takes up the whole story. I did enjoy this book and I’m sure you will too.

THE FIRST MAN YOU MEET by Debbie Macomber and JACOB’S GIRLS by Tara Taylor Quinn

THE FIRST MAN YOU MEET by Debbie Macomber , (c) 1992and JACOB’S GIRLS by Tara Taylor Quinn (c) 1991. A double Harliquin Romance.

The first novel is about a wedding dress that seems to have magical powers when two meet and fall in love. (A typical Debbie Macomber romance).

JACOB’S GIRLS is about 7 year old triplet daughters of a radio DJ and how he and his co-host fall in love. Another happy ending story.


AMAZING GRACIE by Sherryl Woods

AMAZING GRACIE by Sherryl Woods, (c) 1998. Here’s another typical Sherryl Woods romance novel. Meet Gracie MacDougal an American workaholic who helps to run a string of hotels in France. She gets fed up with her new boss and quits, then she ends up vacationing in Seagull Point, Virginia where she meets Kevin Daniels her love interest from whom she is trying to buy an old Victorian house to convert into a bed and breakfast. It’s well written as are all of Sherryl Woods romances.


THE MEN OF MEDICINE RIDGE by Diana Palmer, (c) 2004.  Here I am on page 104 before I notice this is a double novel. This is a Harlequin  Books publication, I had no idea.  So I’m reading along. The first story is one of those virgin and sexy male, are wrought with sexual tension. Lots of foreplay and no action so far! What do you expect from Harlequin anyway? Ha! It’s just a lot of the “same old, same old: when it come to romance novels. The first story is titled THE WEDDING IN WHITE, the second is titled CIRCLE OF GOLD. The setting is in Medicine Ridge Ranch for the first one. It involved a beautiful, virginal orphan ready to graduate from college, and the sexy, manly,  unmarried, confirmed bachelor who’s also a one eyed older man she grew up with. (Hee hee).

CIRCLE OF GOLD is another cowboy story for us to enjoy.. Oh well..