I am a 57-year-old woman who loves to read. I read while I eat my meals, whenever possible with the book propped up in my trusty metal book stand. (Well I also have a “Book Chair” which I love even  more).

Lorraine's books 006

Most of my reading material comes from library book sales, flea markets and yard sales. On occasion I even read library books from our small town library, but I am a sloppy eater and may end up with food on the pages. I love to read a good novel but I also read about weird and unusual things which I also watch on TV, I love the BIO channel and History 2 Channel, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, Cooking and Food Channels, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE is a favorite show of mine. I’m curious about life in general and I’m very open-minded. I also read nonfiction, spiritual and self-help books. I love to meditate especially when feeling off-balance, and I really should clean my chakras at least once a week, something I need to start doing again. Besides reading avidly I make my own beeswax soaps, create Pennsylvania German style Folk Art and I love to cook and bake bread.

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  1. You sound like an interesting person! Do you use a bread machine for your bread, or do you bake bread totally from scratch in the oven? We have a bread machine that I love, but don’t use much since it is big and takes up space. My favorite bread I make is a bread that uses the Italian Salad Dressing mix for the seasonings straight from the packet in the dough.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting–that’s pretty much what I think of Ancestry too, but I was too shy to spit it out!! *lol* Great blog here. My love of reading started early, probably around 3 or 4 when my Great Aunt started teaching me to read. There were a lot of teachers in my family, so it seemed normal, at the time. Later I realized not everyone likes to read. Glad you do – enjoyed what I’ve read so far.

  3. Thanks for responding to my comment on “Days are Growing Murky.”

    Request. — You are interested in reading, you apparently do not have a Swedish heritage, and you don’t know me. Just what I’m looking for — someone who’d be willing to read the first 27 pages of “My Father’s House,” just to tell me whether it’s a good read. I’m too close to it to be a good evaluator on that score, and so are my children.

    If you are willing, I’d be delighted to receive an e-mail telling me so. forgiveness options@earthlink.net. Just put “I’m willing to read it,” in the subject line so I won’t pass over it.

    In the meantime, I’m following you. It looks like fun


  4. I came by to visit and see what you are blogging about. I love books as well. I will be popping in periodically to see what you are reading. My head is ready to explode right now from reading blogs. I do have a few library books waiting for me too. Thanks for following my blog.

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