Here is the story of an autistic teenager name Christopher John Francis Boone, (c) 2003. This book was reprinted 62 times by 2003, it must have been popular. Christopher knows many facts about the world and number sequences but he feels no human emotions like we do, (hopefully). This is the story of a murder of a neighbor’s dog with a pitchfork. At first the cops think Christopher did it, since he removed the pitch fork and carried the dead dog to the owner, but the cops find out they were wrong. This odd young man didn’t kill the dog, but Christopher has decided to find out who did. It starts out interesting enough with the getting arrested for hitting a cop who touched him when he hates being touched by anyone. So his dad comes to get him and take him home. That is all I have read so far.I will finish this interesting book.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time


IMPOSSIBLE by Nancy Werlin

IMPOSSIBLE by Nancy Werlin, (c) 2008/2009. This is the story about a foster child who came from a cursed family. Do you mind a fantasy novel involving a battle between good and evil?A teen-aged romance involving the young girl getting pregnant? There’s also a race against time to save the girl. It’s definitely not my usual read, but I enjoyed it anyway. Remember the name Werlin rhymes with Merlin another fantasy character.


THE LOST WIFE by Alyson Richman

THE LOST WIFE by Alyson Richman, (c) 2011. The beginning of this story takes place in prewar Prague where Lenka a young art student marries Josef who is studying medicine. Then the Nazi invasion tears them apart. Josef who now lives the life of a successful obstetrician in America believes his wife died during the war, but Lenka survived relying on her skills as an artist and the memories of her young husband.  Now here it is decades later they have a chance encounter in New York. Will they rekindle their love? Did their love survive too?


THE VIEW FROM HERE by Cindy Myers, (c) 2012. I really enjoyed this second chance at love story. Here’s a 39 year old divorcee named Maggie Carter who recently inherited her father’s estate- if you want to call it that. Her father was a mentally wounded Vietnam veteran who abandoned his wife and baby daughter. Maggie never met him as a child or growing up, there was just one photo of him hold Maggie as a baby. Now she’s staying in Colorado in the old miner’s cabin her father lived in for the last 7 years. Besides the cabin she inherited a gold mine called The French Mistress. She’s been settling into a new life and making friends with the townsfolk there. Maybe she’ll even fall in love. OKay so she does fall in love, she gets her second chance BUT, it’s a good read!

OPHELIA’S MUSE BY by Rita Cameron

OPHELIA’S MUSE BY by Rita Cameron, (c)2015. Lizzie Siddal is a beautiful young woman with pale skin and a head of red/gold hair. She is a woman of good breeding having a family that has fallen on hard times and needs her job as a millinery seamstress to help support the family. One evening an artist named Daniel Raphael Rossetti rescues her from the arms of a lecherous drunk, but she runs off into the night without them exchanging words, although he never forgot her striking beauty. Later his classmate at the local college artist friend discovers Lizzy working in the millinery his mother goes to and he asks permission to use her as an artist’s model. Soon she is a model for the members of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, a society of painters who choose to paint their own way, not as the old masters did in their art school. Then she begins an affair with Rossetti whom she marries and later ends up betrayed, ill and addicted to drugs. I’m on page 37 and the book is still holding my interest. Coincidentally my husband and I are both artists, he n oil paints and me with watercolors, pen and ink.

WELCOME TO LAST CHANCE by Cathleen Armstrong

WELCOME TO LAST CHANCE by Cathleen Armstrong, (c) 2013. This is a totally sex free family drama and Christian romance novel. So do not read this if you don’t go foe talk of Church, choirs, and praying. It abut a woman named Lainie Davis who is running away from a boyfriend who sells drugs. Lainie was kicked out of the house at age 14 and has been on her own ever since and now she wants a good stable life and someone safe she can love and have a life with. She ends up in Last Chance when her car breaks down and immediately gets adopted by the people in town. Go ahead and read it anyway, you might like it.