On Reading Fiction

I have a habit of buying used books at book sales, flea markets and yard sales and then giving them to the local libraries to sell in a book sale. My favorite ones are Trade paperback novels.  Why? Because trade paperbacks stay open better on my red book chair. I couldn’t be bothered with the discussion part at the end of the book. What other people THINK the book means, including the writer- isn’t important. What I think about is!

Now when I think about the fact that this whole story is imaginary, and it never took place it seem like I’m wasting my time. Why aren’t I reading a non-fiction book, one that will teach me the truth? I do read non-fiction also, but even some of that is probably made up as the writer goes along such as in a biography. Artistic license is everywhere. They make up so much CRAP in the online news! Who knows what to believe!


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