LIAR’S BENCH by Kim Michele Richardson

LIAR’S BENCH by Kim Michele Richardson, (c) 2015. Mudas Summers (How’s that for a given name? Mudas!) The day Mudas Summers turned 17 her mother Ella died. Other’s in town think she tired of her second husband’s abuse and killed herself, but Muddy doesn’t agree! Muddy’s almost boyfriend Bobby Marshall is hiding a secret, he passes for white but his slave ancestor Frannie Crow was hung on a nearby plantation over a century ago in 1860.  This story deals with bigotry and brutality down South. It seems to be a good story so far.

Library Book Sale

My cousin and I went to a library book sale this morning. I bought 19 trade paperback novels for $19.00 and one hardcover on meditation for $2.00! I LOVE trade paperbacks because the stay open on my “Book Chair” when I’m reading while I eat. Yes, I know it’s not sociable to do that but my husband would rather eat in front of the TV and I want a table under my elbows.

On Reading Fiction

I have a habit of buying used books at book sales, flea markets and yard sales and then giving them to the local libraries to sell in a book sale. My favorite ones are Trade paperback novels.  Why? Because trade paperbacks stay open better on my red book chair. I couldn’t be bothered with the discussion part at the end of the book. What other people THINK the book means, including the writer- isn’t important. What I think about is!

Now when I think about the fact that this whole story is imaginary, and it never took place it seem like I’m wasting my time. Why aren’t I reading a non-fiction book, one that will teach me the truth? I do read non-fiction also, but even some of that is probably made up as the writer goes along such as in a biography. Artistic license is everywhere. They make up so much CRAP in the online news! Who knows what to believe!

SECOND GLANCE by Jodi Picoult

SECOND GLANCE by Jodi Picoult, (c) 2003. I don’t often read Jodi Picoult books which are usually about damaged children. I read my first one and didn’t mind it although it opened my eyes to child abuse. I just couldn’t take a whole slew of them, you know? So I did try reading one about an autistic boy accused of murder and even that one I skipped a lot of pages to get to the end. Then a few weeks ago my sister brought a few books to dad’s to share with us other sisters, we do a book exchange quite often. This book sounds much different then her others.. It’s about Ghosts and other paranormal activities. Here’s the blurb on the back cover:

“A developer has slated and ancient Abenaki Indian burial ground for a strip mall, and now strange happenings have the inhabitants of tiny Comtosook, Vermont, talking of supernatural forces at work. Ross Wakeman is a ghost hunter who’s never seen a ghost- all he wants is something to end the pain of losing his fiancee, Aimee, in a car accident. He’s tried suicide -many times. Now, Ross lives only for a way to connect to Aimee from beyond. Searching the site for paranormal signs, Ross meets the mysterious Lia, who sparks him to life for in the first time in years. But the discoveries that await him are more amazing than anything in this world- or the next. Expertly entwining a powerful drama of the hearts redemption and the disturbing history of eugenics, Jodi Picoult “proves there’s little she can’t do.”

I’m sorry I didn’t say all that in my own words! I feel like a big faker as a book reviewer.

I’m a Little Behind…

I have not posted any of the book I have read in the past month! I may just post a list of them here and not even discuss their content.

THE PLANTING SEASON- Dorothy Garlock, (I read it once before).

LOVE AND CHERISH- Dorothy Garlock, (Colonial times).