BITTERSWEET by Nevada Barr

BITTERSWEET by Nevada Barr, (c) 1984. This was a wonderful historical story and so well written! Takes place in the 1870- 1880’s era. It is described as being an “unusual love story between two women” The story starts out in Philadelphia with Imogene a spinster teacher who gets run out of town over an affair with one of her students who later gets married and dies in childbirth. So Imogene moves onto the next town in western Pennsylvania where she meets Sarah, another student, and although they have feelings for each other nothing ever happens sexually. Sarah also gets married quite young and has a baby boy. But Imogene’s past catches up with her and she and Sarah are run out of town. Now you see I already told you too much, I’m sorry about that. Now Imogene and Sarah who nearly beaten to death by her husband leave town heading for Nevada territory. I don’t want to tell you anymore except to say it wasn’t heaving on the “making love” angle. I’m not gay but still I found the storytelling so well written I wanted to read a sequel. This is a story about true love and gender has nothing to do with it. This was Nevada Barr’s first novel and I have no idea if she wrote more. Let’s hope so.


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