ISABELLA MOON by Laura Benedict

ISABELLA MOON by Laura Benedict (c) 2007. This thriller novel is very good. I don’t usually read them but I was getting down to the nitty-gritty with my used book supply. I may just have to read more of this thriller novel genre.

Isabella Moon was a little girl who turned up missing two years earlier in idyllic Carystown, Kentucky. Kate Russell came two Carytown right after Isabella came up missing. Recently Kate has been visited by Isabella ghost or earthbound spirit and lead Kate to her burial spot in a local black cemetery.  Soon after Kate walks into the local sheriff’s office and tells Bill Delaney where the child’s grave is supposed to be. He thinks she’s just strange after that and tries to find out information on Kate, but doesn’t come up with very much, except that she was pretending to Kate Russell and was using a dead woman’s SS# and ID.

Meanwhile Sheriff Bill Delaney uncovers a whole lot of unsavory things in his little Kentucky town. It’s turning out to be a very interesting read. I suggest you gave it a try!


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