SHADES OF GRACE by Barbara Delinsky

SHADES OF GRACE by Barbara Delinsky, (c) 1996-2005. Grace Dorian is a eloquent and classy advice columnist. The Confidante is America’s favorite advice column, and Grace made it so. The column is her whole life, plus that of her daughter Francine and granddaughter Sophie who work for her. Grace’s once sharp mind is beginning to dull, her witty remarks and sharp thinking are slowly fading away. Meanwhile Francine won’t accept her mother’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis, as she’s reluctantly becoming attracted to her mother’s doctor who diagnosed Grace’s illness. It’s interesting to read considering I turn 59 this year and have my own occasional forgetfulness. It’s a well written book. I have read only a few of Delinsky’s books and am so happy to see she wrote many more.

MONTANA DAWN by Caroline Fyffe

MONTANA DAWN by Caroline Fyffe, (c) 2010. This cowboy romance travels down a bumpy road as do all romances as you may have noticed the formula by now. Heavily pregnant Faith Brown is a young widow in the throes of labor during a thunder storm when Luke McCutcheon finds her in her wagon. Her horses are gone and her stepson Colton fearing Luke will hurt them bangs him on the head with a cast iron skillet. Luke ends up delivering the baby who he named Dawn. Now the couple are not in love yet. Luke needs to find out what or who she’s running from and of course that takes up the whole story. I did enjoy this book and I’m sure you will too.

ISABELLA MOON by Laura Benedict

ISABELLA MOON by Laura Benedict (c) 2007. This thriller novel is very good. I don’t usually read them but I was getting down to the nitty-gritty with my used book supply. I may just have to read more of this thriller novel genre.

Isabella Moon was a little girl who turned up missing two years earlier in idyllic Carystown, Kentucky. Kate Russell came two Carytown right after Isabella came up missing. Recently Kate has been visited by Isabella ghost or earthbound spirit and lead Kate to her burial spot in a local black cemetery.  Soon after Kate walks into the local sheriff’s office and tells Bill Delaney where the child’s grave is supposed to be. He thinks she’s just strange after that and tries to find out information on Kate, but doesn’t come up with very much, except that she was pretending to Kate Russell and was using a dead woman’s SS# and ID.

Meanwhile Sheriff Bill Delaney uncovers a whole lot of unsavory things in his little Kentucky town. It’s turning out to be a very interesting read. I suggest you gave it a try!


THIS IS HOW I’D LOVE YOU by Hazel Woods, (c) 2014. Hazel Woods lives in New Mexico with her husband and two children, so I am not surprised some of the story takes place there. I plan on reading more of Hazel’s work, if she has any in the future. This is the story of star crossed lovers… Or so it looks right up to the end, but will they smarten up and become one family? I highly recommend this book about an ambulance driver in WWI and the daughter of his pen pal chess player whom he loves but hasn’t met. I found the tragic story just enchanting! (Okay that is a real flowery word coming from my mind.. sorry!)