HOME FRONT by Kristin Hannah

HOME FRONT by Kristin Hannah, (c) 2012. This is the story of Jolene and Michael Zarkades and their marriage is on the rocks as far as Michael, who tells Jolene he no longer loves her soon after her forty-first birthday party, from which he was absent. Jolene was orphaned four months before she graduated high school, her alcoholic parents having died in a car accident. Soon after she joined the Army National Guard who became like a family to her. Michael is a defense attorney who’s never home and he’s living life like an unemotional zombie when he tells Jolene he no longer loves her. The the gets deployed to Iraq. Michael has a hard time adjusting to raising two daughters he hardly ever spent time with, and that’s a good thing. Betsy age 12 is a hormonal mess and lulu age 4 is still clingy to her mom. A tragedy is mentioned on the cover blurb, so I hope Jolene who is a helicopter pilot doesn’t get killed in combat. So far it’s a great read.


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