THE GIRL ON THE CLIFF by Lucinda Riley

THE GIRL ON THE CLIFF by Lucinda Riley, (c) 2011. Grania (Isn’t that an odd name? Maybe not in Ireland I suppose). Well 31 year old Grania has recently had a miscarriage and is running from the pain. She abandons her boyfriend Matt and their apartment in New York City and has gone home to Ireland, to the family farm. There she won’t have anything to do with Matt. I have yet to figure out why. Now she won’t talk to him even on the phone. Matt is being consoled by a female friend now. Will it become a romance as Matt nurses his own emotional pain over the loss of his child? Who knows. Meanwhile on the cliff overlooking the sea Grania meets a little girl named Aurora Lisles, the eight year old motherless child of Alexander Lisles. Of course she’s quickly becoming attached as she sees her everyday. Meanwhile she’s asked to be a nanny and housekeeper while Alexander goes out of town for a month. We’ll see what happens next.

NOTE: This book is weird age wise in the relationships. It’s not adding up very well. AURORA is narrating as if telling the story from memory, as if she is an old woman (yet she is not it turns out!). Yet the story reads as if it’s taking place in the present moment meaning 2011, the year it was published, when Aurora was 8 years old..So I’m a little put off by the ages of folks.

GRANIA is a 31 year old Irish woman living in NYC working as a sculptor.  She has a miscarriage and flees to Ireland, to her family on the old farm.

Grania’s mother KATHLEEN was a cousin of Aurora’s deceased mother LILY they grew up next door to each other and were one year apart, yet I’m to believe that a woman nearly Kathleen’s age had a child 8 years ago when she was 40 years old?  How old is Kathleen then? 49 I guess, so she had Grania when she was 18? I guess it possible…

The whole thing strikes me as odd folks! The timeline is a mess, especially with “old” Aurora narrating.

NOTE: I don’t LOVE this writer’s style, she more or less is a pampered upper class woman, who writes about the same kind of people. I don’t relate well I guess. Plus I didn’t like the ending.


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