SAVING GRANDMA by Frank Schaeffer

SAVING GRANDMA by Frank Schaeffer, (c) 1997. This book is described as “poignant and hilarious”  by The Los Angeles Times. This is the story of Calvin Dort Becker. The son of bible believing missionaries, who in the year 1967 are trying to spread the Word to “spastic children” in Switzerland.  Calvin is a very horney teenager living with a bunch of crazy Cgristains, Then his foul mouthed and rather nasty grandma moves in after breaking her hip and she disrupts the whole family. Meanwhile horny Calvin spends his time masturbating with one of the equally horny teens who has cerebral palsy, named Jean-Pierre. Calvin has fallen madly in love with Jennifer and they don’t seem to almost make love but never go all the way until the near the end. Then someone thinks they see Calvin and Jean-Pierre doing the dirty deed with each other when that wasn’t the case at all, but I don’t want to explain. Have fun reading about this crazy religious family.


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