A NEW HOPE: A Thunder Point Novel by Robyn Carr

A NEW HOPE: A Thunder Point Novel by Robyn Carr, (c) 2015. Divorcee Ginger Dysart was living in deep grief over the SIDS death of her 4 month old son, when she moved to Thunder Point, a small town on the Oregon coast. There she starts a new life working in a flower shop, where she makes good friends and meets up with one angry and drunken man named Matt Lacoumette at a friend’s wedding reception. He’s angry over his own recent divorce and holds a grudge against his ex wife Natalie and ended up acting like an ass towards Ginger at the reception while asking her to dance. The next day he drops by the flower shop to apologize to Ginger and they end up going out and becoming fast friends, but they are both gun shy of starting a new romantic relationship. Of course they have phenomenal sex; (Don’t they all in these romance novels?) Meanwhile they are trying to work out their problems of Exs and grudges and grief… I’m enjoying the book a lot and bet you will also!


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