ONCE IN A BLUE MOON by Eileen Goudge

ONCE IN A BLUE MOON by Eileen Goudge, (c) 2009. This large type edition is pretty easy to read. The writing is well done. I admit to snobbery when it comes to Goudge. I thought she one of those English authors writing about a mystery or period romance, using words like “loo” and “flat.” But no, she’s an American girl like me and I am enjoying the book so far. Lindsay age 11 and Kerrie Ann 3, are sisters living with Crystal their drug addicted mother in Reno, Nevada, 1981. Their neighbor Miss Honi watches Kerrie Ann while Crystal sleeps off her night working in a casino and big sister Lindsay a sixth grader goes to school.  One day Crystal is arrested for trying to sell cocaine to a cop and the sisters are sent to separate foster homes and don’t see each other again for 20 years.  Lindsay gets adopted and lived in Los Angeles, California, living a more normal life compared to Kerrie Ann who was sent from foster home to foster home and ends up like her mother Crystal. Kerry Ann was hooked on drugs with a 5 year old daughter who was taken away by the state. Now she is 6 months clean after going to a free rehab clinic. Kerry Ann desperately wants her daughter back, and she willing to contact a sister she didn’t know she had. I personally don’t think a three year old would completely forget an older sister she lived with for the first three years of her life but I guess it could happen. So here Kerry Ann is traveling to Blue Moon Bay the get help from her sister whom she hasn’t seen in twenty years. Meanwhile Lindsay is fighting a corporation who wants her property for a seaside golf resort. It will be interesting to see what happens.


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