ANGELS IN MY HAIR by Lorna Byrne

ANGELS IN MY HAIR The True Story of a Modern-Day Irish Mystic by Lorna Byrne, (c) 2008.  It’s an international bestseller. Do you believe in Angels? If not stop reading this review! I find it fascinating reading about Lorna who seems to be born seeing Angels and how she lived in the past and still lives her life communicating with and being helped by Angels. She sees Angels everyday, every waking moment.  I haven’t read a book like this in a long time. I have owned quite a few Doreen Virtue books which are all about Angels also, but I drifted away from that aspect of my life. I actually thought I had an angel in my room once when I was frightened of something dark down the hall one night. I asked Archangel Michael to please protect me from it. Then I went in my room and hopped back in bed, (I had gotten up to use the bathroom). Once I got in bed I saw a ball of light next to my pillow, it was strange really I touched it a few times and it disappeared. Was it an Angel come to protect me? I thought it was proof my plea for help was heard!  Well carry on if it’s your kind of thing… I’m enjoying the story so far!


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