SOMEDAY HOME by Lauraine Snelling

SOMEDAY HOME by Lauraine Snelling, (c) 2015. I am so enjoying this book! This one is about 3 middle aged women who share a house after big changes in their life. Lynn owns the home, she’s a recent widow, and her family owns a plumbing business. Angela is soon to be a divorcee, her husband wanted out of the marriage. He left her for someone younger and he ended up with the house, so Angela needed a place to call her own. Judith was the 47 year old daughter of a wealthy man and they lived in a large family mansion. When her demanding father died Judith found herself without a home, since it was given away to a historical home society. Feeling betrayed Judith jumped at the chance to start over again and go back to college. Now all three women are living in Lynn’s huge log cabin near a lake. Of course there are major adjustments to make for all three women.


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