Montana 1948 by Larry Watson

Montana 1948 by Larry Watson, 1993. I bought this old trade paperback at a yard sale Labor Day weekend. It’s the size of a trade paperback but doesn’t have the question and answer section in the back, so is it really a trade paperback? This summertime coming of age story is about a boy, an only child, 12 year old David Hayden, growing up in a small town in Montana where his father is a sheriff and his mother works for the Record of Deeds office in the courthouse across the street. The story is how one family deals with what’s been happening to women of a local Sioux tribe. This book is described as a “thriller and page turner.” It’s all about doing the right thing.  I’m really enjoying this book, the writing style is very readable. I highly recommend it.  It won’t take long to read this short under 200 page book.

NOTE: I’d like to read more by this author.


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